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NOV 2022 - 40 th EDITION I n this issue ... New Rugged Instinct Crossover by Garmin 04 06 Bass Pro Shops Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Combo Cooker The Benefits of Shooting Micro-Diameter Arrows 08 Which Handguns I Use for Hunting Whitetail 12 How-To Use Cover Scents & Attractants When Hunting 16 How-To Train Your Dog with the Garmin Delta® SE 19 ATV and Side-By-Side Checklist BEFORE You Go Hunting 20 Crossbow Safety Tips 22 Hunting with the Smith & Wesson Model 350 Legend 28 Our Opinion on Hunting with Modern Sporting Rifles 32 NEW! Bass Pro Shops Walleye Snack Pack Lure Kit 38 Ranger Boats Limited Edition 55th Anniversary Z500R Comanche 40 The Growing Sport of College Bass Fishing 48 BeatDown Outdoors Has a Mount for Any of Your Graphs! 52 The Best Gift Ideas for Boat Owners by TH Marine 57 Garmin Livescope™ Plus LVS34 and Livescope™ XR LVS62 42




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Thanksgiving is a wrap, and Christmas is fast approaching! Is it me, or do the holidays get here faster and faster every year? In this edition of the Americana Outdoors E-Mag you’ll find a lot of great gift ideas for the outdoorsman on your gift list to help them catch more and find more success in the field. As for the team here at Careco we are out in the field most of December with hunting trips on the calendar for ducks, geese, deer, hogs and more as we wrap up 2022. We’re also hard at work planning for the upcoming 2023 fishing tournaments that Careco supports. These include visiting Lake Hartwell for the first time for the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops! It also includes a lot of modern upgrades to the Texas Team Trail and National Walleye Tour as well as a relaunch of the Inshore Fishing Association (which we’ll share more on in the coming months).




These and more are just a few things you’ll see as we prepare for a new year ahead!



Wade Middleton President - Careco

New rugged Instinct Crossover by Garmin is fully analog, fully smart, and full of adventure

New RevoDrive technology, built in sports apps, robust health and wellness features, as well as solar charging, set a new standard of analog smartwatch functionality Garmin announced Instinct® Crossover, the newest and most unique addition to the popular Instinct family of rugged, purpose-built smartwatches. Instinct Crossover is a hybrid GPS smartwatch built for those who appreciate a classic analog watch experience but who do not want to compromise essential smartwatch functionality or rugged watch durability. Instinct Crossover’s bold, luminescent watch hands dynamically enhance Garmin’s robust 24/7 health monitoring and activity tracking features in an easy-to-read digital display. And, thanks

to Garmin solar charging, battery life on Instinct Crossover can be measured in months, not days.

“We created Instinct Crossover for active lifestyle individuals who prefer the look of a traditional watch but who are ready to tap into the functionality of a modern smartwatch,” s aid Dan Bartel, Garmin vice-president of global consumer sales. “By eliminating the need to compromise between tradition and technology, the Instinct Crossover reimagines and redefines the modern adventure smartwatch.” RE(DE)FINED RUGGEDNESS Instinct Crossover combines the tough construction and intuitive experience customers expect from a Garmin Instinct with new Super LumiNova® coated analog hands and chapter ring to create a rugged, yet refined watch prepared for any activity or adventure. The analog hands are

overlayed on Instinct Crossover’s high-resolution digital display and quickly move when customers want detailed smart feature data. Customers can confidently go from the office to the outdoors knowing Instinct Crossover is thermal and shock resistant, built to MIL-STD-810, and water-rated to 10 ATM. Thanks to Garmin’s new RevoDrive™ analog hand technology, Instinct Crossover is prepared to deliver accurate timekeeping even in the harshest activities and environments. Should users have a significant impact to their watch during an adventure, RevoDrive will ensure autocalibration to keep users precisely on time. BUILT TO KEEP A CHARGE Individuals who prefer perpetual timekeeping on analog watches will appreciate Instinct Crossover – solar edition’s infinite battery life in battery saver mode with solar charging which provides traditional analog features like time, date, and a stopwatch. While using advanced connected features, Instinct Crossover – Solar Edition can provide up to 70 days of battery life in smartwatch mode with solar charging. Even without solar, base model Instinct Crossover can provide nearly a month of battery life in smartwatch mode and more than 110 hours in GPS mode. Instinct Crossover provides the features customers want and data they need to meet wellness, fitness, and lifestyle goals. Instinct Crossover delivers Garmin’s full suite of wellness features including Sleep Score and Advanced Sleep Monitoring, and a Health Monitoring activity which allows users to record key health metrics, such as Body Battery™, stress, and heart rate in a single view. STAY HEALTHY WHILE STAYING CONNECTED

Fitness Age, Training Status/Load/Effect, HRV Status, and Recovery Time. These health and wellness features are made possible by Instinct Crossover’s extended battery life and ability to be worn for weeks without recharging. To keep up with life on the go, Instinct Crossover connects with smartphone devices so customers can get notifications to their wrist, use Garmin Pay™ contactless payments3 and sync with the Garmin Connect™ app and Connect IQ™ store for customization. NAVIGATE LIFE When experiencing life off the beaten path, Instinct Crossover provides GPS tracking, Multi GNSS support, ABC sensors, TracBack® routing, which helps users navigate the same route back to their starting point, and Reference Point, which helps users keep track of a known place relative to their location. Instinct Crossover – Tactical Edition builds on these features and provides dedicated tactical-oriented features like night vision compatibility, stealth mode, dual-format GPS, a kill switch and more. Instinct Crossover represents Garmin’s continued innovation of smartwatch technology and is available now with a suggested retail price beginning at $499.99.

Fitness enthusiasts will be motivated knowing their Crossover includes VO2 Max, Pulse Ox2,

Bass Pro Shops Stainless Steel 3 in 1 Combo Cooker

Fry, steam, or boil all kinds of different food easily in the Bass Pro Shops ® Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Combo Cooker with Spigot. Big enough to cook for a crowd, this convenient combo comes with a large 30-qt. stainless steel pot, stainless steel strainer/steamer basket, steamer grid, and stainless steel turkey hook and stand, giving you everything you need to cook your favorite foods. Cooker’s 30-qt. stainless steel pot is equipped with a handy chrome-plated brass spigot that makes oil or water removal a snap for easy cleanup after the cooking is done. The pot also comes with lid and side handles for easier handling. Enclosed in a stable stainless steel base, the powerful 38,000 BTU burner comes equipped with a regulator, hose, heat shield, and a worry-free safety timer. Adjustable safety brackets attached to the base hold pot securely in place. Cooker package also includes 12” deep fry thermometer and marinade injector to help you cook fantastic fried turkey. Cooks up to an 18-lb. turkey. Weight: 21.56 lbs.

Click the PLAY Button to watch Wade’s full review on the Bass Pro Shops ® Stainless Steel 3-in-1 Combo Cooker AND learn his chicken-fried backstrap recipe!


We’re all still looking as bow hunters for what works best for us, for the exact hunting situation that we’re going to be hunting. I’m a firm believer that you have to match the arrows to the animal that you’re looking to hunt. I always keep that in mind when I start talking about arrows and broadheads. For the typical whitetail hunter, I think you’re in search of an arrow that’s going to be hard-hitting, has great construction, perform well, and will be something that if you make a good shot on the range or in the field, you’re going to clean it up and use that same arrow over and over. A little over a year ago, I’ve been shooting the BlackOut MX6 Carbon Micro Diameter Arrows, and I’m really impressed by their performance. Top to bottom for me so far, these arrows have given me the ability to have a good pass-through and have performed time and time again. The arrow’s micro diameter also works with the MX6 Insert System to deliver better impact energy and deeper penetration. This special insert significantly increases the arrow’s durability where the broadhead connects to the shaft, gives the MX6 a higher front of center measure, and helps the arrow strike game like a hammer to power through bone, hide, and muscle. And for me, that performance has been, without question, perfect.

The only other change I did is I put lighted knocks on my arrows. I love lighted knocks. I mean, I’ve shot them forever and I love to be able to watch that track and see where it goes into the end of the deer. I know there’s places that you can’t necessarily use those, but for me, if it’s legal, you’re going to see a lighted knock on the back of all my arrows. When it comes to business end, I’ve been shooting a 100 grain BlackOut Gator broadheads in these MX6’s and the performance has been phenomenal. It flies fast and it hits hard. And so for my review, I look at this based on last year’s performance, and I couldn’t be happier. You’re going to see it in my quiver when I climb a tree in Kentucky, Kansas, Texas and elsewhere this year, because they performed well for me and for the first time in a couple of years, I don’t feel like I’ve got to be searching for an arrow. Watch the video below for a more in-depth review and give the BlackOut MX6 Carbon Micro Diameter Arrows a look. I think you’re going to be impressed with its performance.

Click the PLAY Button to watch Wade’s full review on the BlackOut MX6 Carbon Micro Diameter Arrows

The MX6’s thin diameter cuts through winds better than standard arrows for better long range accuracy.

at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Starting Nov. 5th experience the magic of Christmas at Santa’s Wonderland at your local Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s! 1 For residents in Canada, Santa’s arrival is November 12 and photos start November 13.

WHICH HANDGUNS I USE FOR HUNTING WHITETAIL BY WADE MIDDLETON It is a well-known fact I have become addicted to handgun hunting. As a hunter, I’ve always embraced hunting through a variety of means and methods, allowing me to start and end my season earlier in many cases. I consider myself a whitetail hunting fanatic, and as such, I’ve never turned down a chance to hunt with something different. Which lead me into the world of handgun hunting so I could have more reasons to hunt whitetails. This new addiction has forced me to learn a lot more about how handguns work, how the ballistics of different calibers perform, what ammo works best in hunting, as well as sending me to the range more than ever to learn better trigger control. When you look at handguns, I favor the ones made by Smith & Wesson. You can tell immediately they’re designed for ultimate performance in the field. Many of the models I hunt with have muzzle breaks at the end of the barrel to help reduce recoil. Furthermore, many of these handguns are built to be better balanced in the field, allowing for the opportunity to hunt at longer distances with higher performance. In addition, many of them have triggers that

are far more crisp than say some models you might find, which really helps when it comes to trigger control when a whitetail is standing in front of you. Finally, they are built to add various accessories such as scopes, fiber optic sights, and various red/green dot sights. SMITH & WESSON PERFORMANCE CENTER® MODEL 629 STEALTH HUNTER

Smith & Wesson Performance Center® Model 629 Stealth Hunter in .44 magnum equipped with a Trijicon SRO sight

This past season I spent a lot of time shooting my Smith & Wesson Performance Center® Model 629 Stealth Hunter in .44 magnum. This is one of my favorite hunting handguns and I’ve been using it

for nearly a decade. I recently mounted a Trijicon SRO sight on top of it to field test that sight after shooting the Trijicon RMR sight in the past off this handgun. My early thoughts are this is the best sight in its class. The Trijicon SRO is very easy to acquire a whitetail in the sights and place the dot onto the vitals. I am very impressed with the sight picture and how easy it was to sight it in. Overall, I feel this is the best option for this style of sight when it comes to hunting. Looking back at my first handgun whitetail buck taken with this model of handgun, I vividly recall practicing all summer at various distances but none of that practice prepared me for that hunt. With little experience personally when it came to handgun hunting, I was, to say the least, nervous throughout the entire encounter. I still remember it vividly, the way that deer was darting in and out of the trees while running and fighting with another deer as they tried to prove dominance to a doe that was nearby. My hands were sweating nonstop as I prayed from inside the pop-up blind for the buck to stop in a narrow shooting lane. He finally did, and ended up turned quartering slightly towards me and I pulled my shot a little bit. I was so worked up that I honestly wasn’t even sure I’d hit the deer. It ended up being that I did in fact, hit the deer mid body up and down but slightly back, so I knew it was a mortal hit. We found the buck about two hours after the shot. My takeaway was that I needed to practice, practice, practice, and really work on my trigger pull with a handgun to help me overcome the excitement of a deer finally giving me a shot.

I also learned to study more on the various handgun loads. When it comes to most of my hunting and shooting with that handgun, I’ve settled on 200-grain XTP .44 mag ammo from Hornady. I can say undoubtably, the Smith & Wesson Performance Center® Model 629 Stealth Hunter in .44 Magnum set up will always be in my top three favorite hunting handguns and I would argue around about any campfire why I prefer it. SMITH & WESSON PERFORMANCE CENTER® MODEL 460 XVR

Smith & Wesson’s Model 460XVR™ has the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth.

Next up, we discuss another of my favorite handguns, the Smith & Wesson Model 460 XVR. This handgun is known to have the highest muzzle velocity of any production revolver on earth. According to Smith & Wesson, the Model 460 XVR (X-treme Velocity Revolver) is the world’s highest velocity production revolver, as well as the most powerful.45 caliber production revolver. The .460 XVR can launch a 200-grain (13-gram) bullet at 2,330 feet per second (710 meters per second), generating 2,416 foot-pounds force of muzzle energy. Aside from the .460 S&W Magnum cartridge, the revolver can chamber .454 Casull and .45 Colt ammunition. Personally, we’ll use .45 long colt out on the range a lot of times for practicing specific hunting scenarios or if we want to work on our trigger pull. The key reasons being that load is cheaper and does not punish your hands quite as

bad as the .460 ammo.

Smith & Wesson offers this handgun in a variety of barrel lengths, and you can order them with HIVIZ fiber optic sights already equipped (which we recommend and have used in the field). I believe when hunting with open sights, HIVIZ fiber optics sights allow you to acquire the target faster due to its light gathering capabilities. This helps tremendously during those early morning or late evening times thanks to its light-gathering capabilities. I believe this forces me to focus on the sight picture by it catching my eye quickly as I bring the handgun into play on the vitals of a deer or other animal I’m hunting. I spent one summer really working with the .460XVR fitted with HIVIZ sights in an effort to take a buck with open sights with the .460 XVR. That experience and the buck I ended up taking, turned out to be one of my biggest handgun bucks ever. I can still see that buck and the other buck he was traveling with working through a broomweed field and coming into range. After calming myself, the .460 round found the lungs

and I found the buck less than 60 yards from where I took the shot. The summer of practice really paid off on that one. Regardless, of what model you hunt with, regardless of what caliber you settle on, I simply say practice a lot for the hunting scenarios you likely will encounter. I also recommend that you spend time shooting off a good brace to build confidence in both your trigger pull but also the sight picture for whatever you are going to use be it a scope, red dot, or open sights. The more you shoot, the more confident you’ll be when it comes time to take a shot on whatever you’re hunting.

LEARN MORE The Smith & Wesson Model 350 TM



RAZOR DIGITAL X-TRM W/ BLUETOOTH The Razor X-TRM series ear protection features gel-filled earpads and a premium cool mesh headband for the ultimate in cooling and comfort during those long, hot days on the range or in the field. An advanced digital circuit provides superior digital sound and thanks to a pair of hi-gain omnidirectional microphones, you won’t miss a thing. Bluetooth functionality allows you to pair this unit with your mobile device.




Click the PLAY Button to watch Wade’s full review on the Walker’s Razor Digital X-TRM w/ Bluetooth

HOW TO USE COVER SCENTS AND ATTRACTANTS WHEN HUNTING ConQuest Scents is the leader in Cover Scent and Attractant technology. They’ve got their own deer farm and they bring their “Doe in Heat”, and the “Rutting Buck”scents right out of those deer, right when it’s happening. ConQuest Scents is able to put those different smells into a variety of deployment systems, like the Stink Stick, Bomb Aerosols, ScentFire, and Wax Applicators. Now the question becomes, how do you use each of these to maximize your success in the field?

Click the PLAY Button to watch Wade breakdown how he uses the variety of ConQuest Scents products in the field.


Growing popularity of crossbows lead to the need for a better way to hold your crossbow while practicing or hunting — whether on the ground or in a treestand. Meet the Kwik-Grab™, an ultra portable and lightweight design that folds compact for packing and un-folds in seconds to offer a solid stand. Universal fit with Tactical Rubber Arms will support almost any make/model crossbow securely. Adjustable-angle upright arm with rubber crossbow cradle keeps bow in ideal position for easy handling. Perfect for hunting in a ground blind or easily attaches to your treestand frame with secure U-bolt connection.


DOVE HUNTING ON OPENING WEEKEND IN TEXAS It’s a weekend that hunters look forward to every year… the opening weekend of dove hunting season in Texas! It’s been a few years since Wade had a chance to put the crosshairs on some doves, and we’re excited for the chance to get back out in the field! In this video we’ll see how Wade uses HIVIZ Sights to his advantage to lessen the shot-to-bird ratio and fill his dove limit!

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HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DOG with the Garmin Delta® SE

In one of our recent videos, we’re hanging out with our four-legged friends and learning everything there is to know about how to train your dog using the brand new Delta® SE Training System from Garmin! The Delta SE handheld is a lightweight, screen free remote trainer that leverages a simple, three button operation. Individuals can choose tone, continuous, or momentary correction settings using dedicated buttons on the handheld. A tactile dial on the top of the handheld is used to quickly change between 10 different stimulation levels to meet the dog’s temperament and the training situation, as well as an auxiliary setting to change the tone button to a vibration setting. The palm-sized handheld weighs only 3 ounces, making it small enough to slip into a pocket when not in use or light enough to be clipped to a lanyard. The Delta SE handheld can be paired with new Delta SE collars, or existing Delta XC and PT 10 collars. The new Delta SE collars use interchangeable long or short plastic contact points for increased comfort and easier wear,

as well as a new collar retention bar to help prevent dogs from getting caught on things like fences, tree limbs and debris. Using the slide switch located on the side of the handheld, Delta SE users can train up to two dogs out to a half mile during the same training session. This fully sealed, up-down slide switch allows users to transition between different dogs confidently and quickly at a moment’s notice. And with up to 70 hours of battery life and USB-C charging, Delta SE is there when you need it.

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ATV AND SIDE-BY-SIDE CHECKLIST BEFORE YOU GO HUNTING Things to Check on your ATV and Side-by-Side Before Your Next Hunt by Yamaha Outdoors

So there are some basic things you can go over to make sure you’re good and ready to ride. It primarily comes down to some simple maintenance. Do a standard oil change before you head out. If your vehicle has been sitting over the winter or for long periods of time, you’ll want to have nice, fresh oil. Look over all your fluid levels and make sure you clean your air filter. Be sure there’s nothing clogged in it or getting in the way. If your ATV or Side-by-Side sits over winter, sometimes mice like to get it in there and chew at some wires and nest. CHECK YOUR TIRES Also, be sure to check your tire pressure. If you don’t know what your tire pressure needs to be at, you can look in your ATV or Side-by-Side owner’s manual. It has all the information that you need in there. Another thing is checking out your lug nuts to ensure they’re all tight and good to go. A lot of times just from regular riding, that stuff can loosen up on you as well.

First thing you should always do before any hunt is you want to make sure your gear is ready. You want to make sure it’s in good working order because the last thing you want is to be out in the field and have something go wrong and not be prepared. Of course, one of those things to check is your ATV or Side-by-Side before you go out in the field.



AVOIDING A DEAD OR WEAK BATTERY One of the big things that people always seem to overlook is the battery. If your ATV or Side-by Side’s battery has been sitting over the winter, check your battery’s level. The best thing about our proven-Off Road ATV and Side-by-Sides is you can take them out whenever, but if you only use them for hunting, you’d want to put them back in storage.

KEEP IT CLEAN Knock off a lot of the dirt or mud that may be stuck in those hard to reach areas, and grease them up too. If you leave dirt or mud on there, sometimes it can rust away, especially if you’ve got a nick or ding. So ensure your ATV or Side by-Side is nice and clean after every use so it will be a lot easier to use and be ready to go the next time you’re heading out to the field. Knock off a lot of the dirt or mud that may be stuck in those hard to reach areas, and grease them up too. If you leave dirt or mud on there, sometimes it can rust away, especially if you’ve got a nick or ding. So ensure your ATV or Side by-Side is nice and clean after every use so it will be a lot easier to use and be ready to go the next time you’re heading out to the field.


A lot of times before you even put it into storage over the winter, you could put a trickle charger on the battery to make sure that your ATV or Side by-Side’s battery is at full capacity for when you go back out again next year.

Click the PLAY Button to watch as we go over a few things to check on your ATV or Side-By-Side before heading out on your first hunt of the season!


HOW TO KEEP YOURSELF AND OTHERS SAFE WHILE ON THE RANGE OR OUT HUNTING by Wade Middleton Crossbows have evolved both in features and speed in the past decade. During that time, I had a chance to spend time testing and hunting with the fantastic lineup of TenPoint & Wicked Ridge Crossbows. The lineup of crossbows for both brands ranges from entry-level price point models to top-of-the-line crossbows that can be outfitted with a variety of magnification accessories, such as the Garmin Xero X1i crossbow sight. When choosing from those two legendary brands, you will be sure to find a crossbow that fits your needs based on the model, price point, energy, and speed you want to put into the target. Once you choose a crossbow, get it home and open the box, you will notice it comes with a complete set of well-thought-out instructions that make it easy to set up and sight-in your crossbow. I suggest you read the directions first, then go back and begin to build your crossbow, set it up, and shoot it.

BE SAFE. DON’T ASSUME. This is why I said earlier to read the directions before starting to build your crossbow. Safety is something that we cannot reiterate enough on really anything. Always pay attention to the different safety components, do not assume! I’ve built a lot of different crossbows, and while all are similar, they all have different parts that you need to learn about and understand. Safety on anything you shoot is important and is no different when using a crossbow, giving your crossbow a good once over before using it is

key. I always check out and pay attention to the limbs, cables, and strings. Look for any damage that may have happened in shipping or while you are on a hunt. Let’s say the crossbow gets knocked around while traveling or is dropped inadvertently during a hunt, something could end up going wrong if not checked. Crossbows are a mechanical device so always assume and look at everything. It’s what I do with any firearm, compound bow, and even my fishing gear.

The safety on these crossbows is remarkably similar to that on any firearm.


• Always keep your firearm (in this case, a crossbow) in a safe direction.Never point your crossbow at anything you do intend to shoot. • Treat all crossbows as if they are loaded. • Keep your finger off the trigger (and under the flight deck) until you are ready to shoot. • Always be sure of your target and what is beyond it. Pay attention to your surroundings if you are at the range or out hunting because if you miss your target, the arrow can skip off the ground and travel a long distance, inflicting significant damage on someone you may not see, the wrong deer, or even livestock. Just like a firearm, make sure you know what is around and behind your target before shooting. We are excited that you have purchased or are interested in getting into the sport of crossbows! You can easily find tons of question-and-answer videos on TenPoint’s Youtube Channel, and our YouTube Channel. TenPoint’s website is a great resource as well to learn a lot more about crossbows, how they are set up, and perform out in the field.

Make sure BOTH HANDS are below the flight deck when holding and aiming the crossbow.

Next thing I always tell someone when they shoot a crossbow for the first time is be mindful of where our hands are. It is important to pay attention to your hand positioning on the crossbow. Make sure everything is below the flight deck when holding and aiming the crossbow; do not get your fingers above the flight deck or anywhere there is a moving part. Another thing to keep in mind is the safety on your crossbow. The safety on these crossbows is remarkably similar to that on any firearm. When you go from safety to the fire, remember the safety is still a mechanical device. It can fail. Follow the same four safety rules you would if you were handling a firearm. CROSSBOW SAFETY & SURROUNDINGS


AR-15 Tactical Rifle Front Sight

Your AR rifle is not complete without a HIVIZ AR sight. The nearly indestructible AR2008 comes with interchangeable LitePipes in both green and red for extra customization, and features a detent plunger to tighten engagement and prevent any side-to-side movement of the sight. This sight is easy-to-install and replaces all types of AR 15 sights.


Click the PLAY Button to watch the Americana Outdoors crew hunt exotics with the Umarex Hammer!

The Umarex Hammer will push a 550-grain slug to 760 FPS and generate 705 ft-lbs of energy at the muzzle. Unlike a traditional firearm, the Hammer doesn’t generate a comparable report or recoil signature. The recoil of this big bore air rifle can best be described as a firm push, not a sharp kick like a powder burning rifle would give. Its dual-chamber precision magazine means you’ll have an immediate follow-up shot if needed and each Umarex Hammer comes with two magazines. The Umarex Hammer is not just another air rifle. It’s in an air rifle hunting class all by itself.



Record Rack now offers a product you can run through your spincast feeders that is a better attractant for deer, and also provides a higher level of nutrition. Corn is a great attractant, but is lacking when it comes to the nutritional quality. Improving the nutrition density of the diet will aid everything from reproduction to antler development. Improve the nutritional plane you are providing for your deer with Record Rack Apex Spincast.

• 14% protein for improved growth and antler development

• High fat for improved body condition and antler development • Balanced mineral pack to bolster immune and reproductive systems • Berry flavored for extreme attraction and palatability • Cleaned and screened so it will flow well through spincast and free-choice gravity feeders

Click the PLAY Button to learn more about Record Rack’s Apex Spin-Cast

FEATURES • 3 person • One-way see-through mesh • Superb concealment • Easy set-up • Heavy-duty construction • 3 Full-width panoramic windows • Zippered door entrance • Blacked-out interior • Carry bag with backpack straps included SPECS • Footprint: 58”x58” • Shooting Width: 73” x 73” • Construction: Black-Backed, Water Resistant Fabric in Epic Camo • Standing Height: 66” • Weight: 13.9lbs • Stakes: (8) Steel stakes • Windows: • (2) Full Width Panoramic Windows with One-Way See-Through Mesh • (1) Full Width Panoramic Window with heavy-duty fabric • Rear Viewing Window • Silent Slider Window Adjustment


Click the PLAY Button to watch Wade’s walkthrough of the Prevue 3


According to Wade, “When many people start to think about Smith & Wesson, they start to think about revolvers.” In Wade’s case, he starts thinking about hunting platforms, and that’s why we were so excited when Smith & Wesson reached out to tell us about their latest development with the 350 Legend in an X Frame model! Tune in and follow along as Wade takes the Smith & Wesson Model 350 Legend out to the field to test it out on some wild game!

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INTRODUCING THE ALL-NEW THERMA PADS Therma Pads are biodegradable pads scented with ConQuest Scent’s popular EverCalm, VS-1, and Rutting buck scent. These special pads can be used in a heatable scent dispensing unit and can also be hung with on tree limbs and branches.


ConQuest Scents EverCalm Therma Pad

ConQuest Scents VS-1 Therma Pad

















OUR OPINION ON HUNTING WITH MODERN SPORTING RIFLES Modern sporting rifles have a unique stigma on them. When you look at a modern sporting rifle in the hands of a hunter, it’s something that is a really finite tool. It is designed to be able to perform under a lot of different situations especially hog hunting! To put it in perspective let’s look back into the history of time, when the bolt action rifle came into play back in the days of World War I and World War II. That’s what our servicemen and women used in the field, and our hunting rifles today basically took on that feel and look for a long time. That’s what you’re seeing now in the modern sporting rifles for a lot of people in the hunting community. Ex-military members have seen, used, and understand that type of firearm better than anyone. With modern sporting rifle having that performance, accuracy, and dependability - it’s a very attractive platform for today’s hunters.

Click the PLAY Button to watch more of Wade’s opinion on hunting with Modern Sporting Rifles

Tactical Deadshot Shooting Rest Bag Combo KEY FEATURES



Click the PLAY Button to watch Wade’s review!



This XT‑R Edition is ready for extreme adventure with a factory‑installed WARN ® Winch, Special Edition paint, color‑matched wheels and aggressive tread Maxxis ® ‘Zilla tires.




Silicone Water-Guard is suitable for outerwear, footwear, tents, sleeping bags, and suede. ATSKO’s silicone is specially formulated to apply maximum repellency in a single application. It restores factory waterproofing but still allows materials to breathe. It repels water and stains. Dauber formulated specifically for boots. Dries in 24 hours and will be odorless and fully cured in 72. The arrow treatment dauber prevents absorbed water from changing the weight and flight dynamics of arrows. Protects wood, concrete, brick, stone, canopies, awnings, umbrella, covers, and outdoor furniture.


NEW! Bass Pro Shops Wide Bottom Insulated Ice Shelter

Fish in comfort with room to spare in the Bass Pro Shops ® Wide-Bottom Insulated Ice Shelter. Warm and spacious, this sturdy ice fishing shelter gives 5-7 anglers more than 97 sq. ft. of fishable area. Made of 600-denier, 3-layer insulated fabric in warm, heat-absorbing colors, it’s supported by heavy-duty 11mm solid fiberglass poles and extra-durable hubs; the square hub bolt is equipped with a large pull strap for easy setup and takedown. The Bass Pro Shops ® Wide-Bottom Insulated Ice Shelter Features 2 large entrance doors, 2 vents to keep fresh air circulating freely, and 8 thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) side windows for all-around viewing and natural light as needed. Built-in storage for the crew includes 4 large internal pockets and square overhead netting. Comes with 12 ice anchors and an ice anchor adapter; large snow skirt helps eliminate updrafts.


NEW! Bass Pro Shops Walleye Snack Pack Lure Kit

OVER $65 VALUE! Loaded with top brands, the Bass Pro Shops® Walleye Snack Pack Lure Kit is simply the ultimate collection of lures proven to catch walleye. A great shortcut to success, the Snack Pack also makes a great gift for any walleye stalker. This amazing 53-piece selection covers all fish moods, seasons, and situations, and even includes a spool of premium line and our handy Carbon Pliers. No matter what it takes to stimulate the bite, our Walleye Snack Pack gives you the upper hand!


• 1 Berkley Flicker Shad, 3/16 oz. Firetiger • 1 Walleye Nation Lil Reaper 3.5”, 1/4 oz. Gold Digger • 1 Bandit Walleye Deep Runner 4.75”, 5/8 oz. Grapefruit • 2 VMC Bucktail Jigs 1/4 oz. Green Fire UV • 10 Bass Pro Shops Metallic Round Jigheads 1/4 oz. Metallic Anti-Freeze/Green • 10 Bass Pro Shops Hoochie Koochie 3” Chartreuse/Silver Flake • 10 Bass Pro Shops Hoochie Koochie 3” Ice Sickle • 10 Bass Pro Shops Firetail Grubs 3” Firetiger • 3 Bass Pro Shops Bottom Bouncer 1 oz. • 1 Bass Pro Shops Death Roll Walleye Spinner Rig Yellow Perch • 1 Bass Pro Shops Death Roll Walleye Spinner Rig Firetiger • 1 Bass Pro Shops Mean Eye Blade Bait 2” 3/8 oz. Chartreuse/Silver • 1 Bass Pro Shops Excel Mono 8 lb. Clear 200 yards • 1 Bass Pro Shops Carbon 6.5” Pliers








A FLAGSHIP 55 YEARS IN THE MAKING When you’re stronger than ever after more than a half-century, there’s cause to celebrate. And we’re celebrating the only way we know how - by releasing a limited-edition boat worthy of this milestone. The 55th Anniversary Limited Edition Z521R and Z520R Z-Comanche boats feature the complete Ranger Cup Equipped package



elevated with a one-off color scheme inside and out, commemorative 55th badging throughout, RGB carpet trim lights, custom black chrome accents, and a premium heated driver’s seat with shock-absorbing air bladders in the bottom and seat back. The trailer features custom-matched fenders, 17” black Challenger wheels, and matching smoked taillights for a complete package that’ll turn heads for another 55 years.


The MyYamahaOutboards app and web portal is a convenient way to track essential maintenance information for your outboards. You’ll enjoy a simpler, more enjoyable ownership experience because the app: routine maintenance and the ability to snooze them. • Puts your preferred, authorized Yamaha Outboard dealer a tap away • Allows you to view updates after dealer-performed service, and record DIY maintenance on every outboard you own • Puts a full maintenance history at your fingertips— which can be valuable for warranty and resale • Offers helpful features like trip logs, checklists, multi-boat management and Yamaha resources Download the mobile app or visit on your desktop to get started. MAINTENANCE HISTORY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND • Provides service reminders for

Garmin Debuts the Livescope™ Plus LVS34 and Livescope™ XR LVS62 at ICAST 2022

feature allows them to utilize more of the screen to display fish and structure. To see detail closer to the boat, the Compress Range feature displays a live look in sharp detail up close, while still allowing the angler to keep an eye on targets further away at the same time.

Over the years anglers have been blown away by the advancements in sonar technology by Garmin. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Garmin surprises us once again! Hear from the pro’s what they think about the new Livescope™ Plus LVS34 and Livescope™ XR LVS62! LIVESCOPE™ PLUS LVS34 Now with sharper resolution, reduced noise, and Garmin’s clearest images, it’s easier than ever to see structure, bait and fish around the boat in real time, even while stationary. With three modes – Forward, Down and Perspective – the LiveScope Plus System also includes the popular Perspective Mode Mount. LIVESCOPE™ XR LVS62 With an optimized design for deeper water, the LiveScope XR transducer has extended elements so anglers can see both long- and close-range views in real time. Anglers can see further around and below the boat – up to 500’ in freshwater and 350’ in saltwater – and the Reverse Range

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Bass Pro Shops Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Reel Some things have a value far beyond what you paid for them. If you’re serious about your fishing, your Bass Pro Shops® Johnny Morris® Platinum Signature baitcaster will probably be one of them. You may never want to part with this reel, because it simply outclasses all the others. Built for performance, the Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Reel features only the finest construction detailing: a solid machined aluminum frame, aluminum side plates with an unbreakable titanium deposition finish, a double anodized aluminum spool. The internals are especially tight and well-protected, with a drive system consisting of a super-light, high strength Duralumin drive gear, Duralumin crankshaft, and a premium 11-bearing (10+1) system built around 10 double-shielded Japanese stainless steel ball bearings plus Powerlock™ instant anti-reverse—smooth perfection for the long haul. With its externally adjustable Dual Braking System, high-performance carbon drag, and 90 mm Recurve aluminum handle with EVA grips, the Johnny Morris Platinum Signature Baitcast Reel is primed to become one of your most valuable on-the-water assets.


8 GEAR TIPS: Cold Weather Fishing Clothing

Proper planning for a day of cold weather fishing can make all the difference in your level of comfort, as well as your ability to concentrate and perform to the best of your abilities. Let’s take a look at the type of winter fishing gear you need to tackle a day of winter fishing. WINTER WEATHER LAYERING Layering is dressing based on the weather and activity level that you will experience during your day on the water. There are numerous options to choose from when layering for winter fishing, all offering different benefits. 1. BASE LAYER Your base layer is the first line of defense against cold conditions and serves dual purposes. Insulating your body’s natural heat and preventing it from escaping, as

Fishing in the winter can be extremely rewarding. However, finding the best winter fishing clothing to keep you warm and dry when spending a day on the water during the win ter can be difficult. How do you know what to wear fishing in cold weather? One of the keys to a comfortable day on the water during bitter cold conditions is proper layering. There are mul tiple layers needed for winter fishing, including a base layer, mid layer and outer shell. Equally important to your cold weather fishing gear is a good pair of fishing gloves, headwear for freezing temperatures, cold weather foot wear and a good set of cold weather rain gear in case of wet cold conditions.

well wicking moisture away from your skin to the outside of your garment to evaporate, are essential elements that a quality base layer offer. A prime example of a base

layer is AFTCO’s Sundown Fleece.

2. MID LAYERS A good mid layer is designed to preserve the natural warmth of your body, holding it in while keeping the brick cold out. A mid layer can take on various forms during a winter time fishing trip. One great option is a hooded technical fleece like the Reaper sweatshirt.

weather. Protecting the underneath layers from precipitation and wind is essential in keeping you warm, dry and comfortable during a day of winter fishing. The Hydronaut waterproof system was designed specifically to tackle cold conditions and keep you on the water no matter what card you’re dealt by mother nature.

Unlike many other waterproof fishing bibs that cause shoulder and neck fatigue based on their design, the Hydronaut bibs are designed with an adjustable shoulder strap to help reduce dig while eliminating uncomfortable buckles. 4. WINTER WEATHER FISHING GLOVES All fishing gloves are not created equal. Finding the best cold weather fishing gloves can be challenging, but are a must to keep your extremities from getting cold. Utilizing a two pronged approach to protect your hands during cold weather fishing is something we highly recommend.

The Reaper tech sweatshirt is designed with a toasty microfleece fabric and an integrated face mask making it ideal for those chilly mornings on the water. This crucial layering piece will quickly become your go-to when warmth is paramount. With many Reaper options to choose from, you can dial in your warm weather essentials.


Choosing your outer layer is a crucial element of creating your outer line of defense against cold


7. HAND & FEET WARMERS Another helpful item that anglers should carry with them on a cold weather fishing trip are hand warmers. It’s always a good idea to grab some disposal HotHands® to provide extra warmth in key areas.


Anglers can easily lose a large amount of heat through their feet, so choosing the proper boot for winter fishing is crucial. The new AFTCO Ankle Deck Boot is the choice when comfort and durability is needed. A heightened level of comfort is provided by a neoprene inner liner that is eco-friendly, quick drying, and fully flexible. Paired with a custom compression-molded anti microbial insole that offers the proper amount of cushion and rebound. Pairing a good set of boots with a quality sock can make all the difference between leaving you with cold feet or keeping your extremities nice and toasty.

Don’t forget to cover your face during a day of winter fishing. A quality balaclava not only will protect your skin from the bitter cold, but can also serve as a layer of protection against harmful UV rays that are present even during the coldest of winter days. Dressing properly for a day of cold weather fishing without sacrificing comfort and mobility will lead to an enjoyable day on the water. Staying warm is essential to maintaining your level of concentration when fishing on a cold winter day. With the advancements in cold weather gear that are available in today’s marketplace there is no reason to spend your time shivering rather than fishing the next time you hit the water.


Keeping your head and neck area warm and protected from the cold weather is a must during a winter


fishing trip. While there

are numerous styles of cold weather hats available, something that covers your ears along with your head like the Summit Beanie is ideal.


The Growing Sport of College Bass Fishing

We take a look at one of the fastest growing segments of competitive angling…collegiate bass fishing. Collegiate bass fishing provides thousands of student anglers at hundreds of colleges and universities with the opportunity to continue their education and earn a degree while also being able to represent their university and pursue a career in the fishing industry. The Bass Pro Shops Collegiate Bass Fishing Series is the premiere major collegiate tournament trail in the country. Hosting no-entry-fee events, each tournament boasts a loaded field competing for prize payouts valued at over $20,000 in prizes and contingencies. Watch as we take a closer look at college fishing, highlight the three events from this past season, and award the Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia.

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pickwick LAKE april 22-23, 2023




DRIVE FISHWILD! The new SPRO® Speed Demon crankbait lives up to its name! Its computer chip lip design creates a tight hard action that generates an eye-catching flash and a distinct vibration that triggers a strike in hungry fish. The Speed Demon is the brainchild of MLF Angler Dean Rojas. He wanted a crankbait for aggressively fishing intermediate depths, and the 3/8 oz, 55 mm long Speed Demon excels in these conditions. As intended, a fast retrieve generates the hardest action and covers a lot of water – perfect for finding hungry fish. Slowing the Speed Demon retrieve dampens its wobble slightly and is a better tactic for sluggish fish. This versatility makes the Speed demon an indispensable crankbait for serious anglers. Top anglers like Rojas know the importance of matching the crankbait to the watercolor and light conditions. So, the Speed Demon is available in many colors and realistic patterns to cover all situations. SPRO crankbaits include super sharp Gamakatsu hooks for a better hook up ratio and deeper penetration. Each Speed Demon 55 with Gamakatsu trebles is ready-to-fish right out of the package.

SPRO’s new Speed Demon is a dynamite crankbait covering lots of water and triggering a bite with its hard and fast action! Competitive and recreational anglers alike need this lure in their tackle box arsenal.

After debuting at the ICAST show earlier this year, the Speed Demon 55 is now shipping to retailers.

Speed Demon 55 Features: Weight: 3/8 oz Size: 55 mm Hook: #5 Gamakatsu treble hooks Depth: 3’-5’ MSRP: $13.99

SPRO® Speed Demon - Brown Bug

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