Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - November 2022

Once the formula was developed it went to the Big Bite Baits pro angler team for testing thru the remainder of 2021. Responses from our pro team were very strong and they saw an immediate impact on their fishing in many areas. That testing continued across the country throughout the off season on many different bodies of water. Our team also worked on a list of new shapes that would be available in this one of-a-kind plastic formula.

New for 2022, Big Bite Baits is launching their exclusive Scentsation line of soft plastics. Scentsation was developed after numerous requests from the Big Bite pro angler team and consumers for a soft and buoyant soft plastic that was infused with a powerful, fish attracting scent that would be more effective for wary fish with greater scent susceptibility. The Big Bite production team initially began working with a 30-year PhD chemist for months to develop this proprietary formula with greater fish attraction. In a collaboration, this plastic formula was developed after multiple rounds of testing for fish attraction and manufacturing capabilities. It really stinks and it really works!

CLICK THE PLAY BUTTON to watch Clifford Pirch introduce the Big Bite Baits Scentsation Line of Soft Plastics

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