Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - November 2022


7. HAND & FEET WARMERS Another helpful item that anglers should carry with them on a cold weather fishing trip are hand warmers. It’s always a good idea to grab some disposal HotHands® to provide extra warmth in key areas.


Anglers can easily lose a large amount of heat through their feet, so choosing the proper boot for winter fishing is crucial. The new AFTCO Ankle Deck Boot is the choice when comfort and durability is needed. A heightened level of comfort is provided by a neoprene inner liner that is eco-friendly, quick drying, and fully flexible. Paired with a custom compression-molded anti microbial insole that offers the proper amount of cushion and rebound. Pairing a good set of boots with a quality sock can make all the difference between leaving you with cold feet or keeping your extremities nice and toasty.

Don’t forget to cover your face during a day of winter fishing. A quality balaclava not only will protect your skin from the bitter cold, but can also serve as a layer of protection against harmful UV rays that are present even during the coldest of winter days. Dressing properly for a day of cold weather fishing without sacrificing comfort and mobility will lead to an enjoyable day on the water. Staying warm is essential to maintaining your level of concentration when fishing on a cold winter day. With the advancements in cold weather gear that are available in today’s marketplace there is no reason to spend your time shivering rather than fishing the next time you hit the water.


Keeping your head and neck area warm and protected from the cold weather is a must during a winter


fishing trip. While there

are numerous styles of cold weather hats available, something that covers your ears along with your head like the Summit Beanie is ideal.

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