Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - November 2022

Garmin Debuts the Livescope™ Plus LVS34 and Livescope™ XR LVS62 at ICAST 2022

feature allows them to utilize more of the screen to display fish and structure. To see detail closer to the boat, the Compress Range feature displays a live look in sharp detail up close, while still allowing the angler to keep an eye on targets further away at the same time.

Over the years anglers have been blown away by the advancements in sonar technology by Garmin. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, Garmin surprises us once again! Hear from the pro’s what they think about the new Livescope™ Plus LVS34 and Livescope™ XR LVS62! LIVESCOPE™ PLUS LVS34 Now with sharper resolution, reduced noise, and Garmin’s clearest images, it’s easier than ever to see structure, bait and fish around the boat in real time, even while stationary. With three modes – Forward, Down and Perspective – the LiveScope Plus System also includes the popular Perspective Mode Mount. LIVESCOPE™ XR LVS62 With an optimized design for deeper water, the LiveScope XR transducer has extended elements so anglers can see both long- and close-range views in real time. Anglers can see further around and below the boat – up to 500’ in freshwater and 350’ in saltwater – and the Reverse Range

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