Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - November 2022

3. STAR BRITE BOAT CARE SOLUTIONS On the surface, this might seem a bit like an antic to flip the script on men who buy cleaning equipment for the lady in their life, but honestly, these boat care products from Star brite are something any outdoorsman could love. Designed to be effective and easy to use, Star brite products help keep boats (and RVs and powersports vehicles) looking clean and running right. Best of all, they can also help foster a feeling of joy for anyone who takes pride in how their boat can be like new, every time they take it out. Though Star brite products have been around since 1973, they are a new addition to T-H Marine’s businesses. That means we’re still adding their entire catalog to our site, but they definitely deserve a mention. Here are some of our favorites that you can find online or at your local marina or hardware shop: • Magic Sponges: perfect for cleaning up scuffs and marks on boats • Ultimate Water Absorber Towel: handy absorption anytime you need it • Vinyl Clean and Vinyl Guard: protects some of the most vulnerable surfaces on boats • Hull Cleaner: cleans hulls that have algae and water line dirt • Boat Care in a Bucket: an awesome package deal for providing what’s needed to care for a boat • Ultimate Boat Care Kit: an even awesome-er package deal for boat care • RV Care Maintenance Kit: worth mentioning for any boater who also has an RV • Ultimate Powersports Maintenance Kit: similar to other bucket kits, this kit is great for anyone who loves powersports of various kinds

4. YAKGEAR PRODUCTS YakGear and RailBlaza products are incredibly innovative, versatile, and helpful, so they make for great gifts. They’re most beloved by kayakers and kayak anglers, but several products are great for a wide variety of other boats, too. For our favorite kayak products from YakGear, consider these: • C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart: a rolling cart that’s great at saving backs, and it stows away nicely, allowing kayakers and canoers to go just about anywhere there’s water • YakStick Floating Stake-Out Stick: a shallow water anchor that makes it easy to stay put, eliminating the hassle and noise of handling heavy, traditional anchors • YakGear Angler Crate: keeps fishing gear in one place and is great for mounting rod holders and other gear management equipment • YakGear FishStik: essential for quick and accurate fish measurements

And for our favorite RailBlaza products that work on kayaks, fishing boats, and many other boats, too, consider these accessory tracks and mounts: • Expanda Track: a customizable system that provides a versatile mounting spot for all kinds of gear, like those listed below.

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