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Careco collaborates with each client individually to develop a unique plan to promote sales and brand awareness in today's world of marketing and content placement. As you flip through the pages of this overview, please do not hesitate to reach out so we can find a way to meet your goals.

Video Production  Marketing  Digital Media  Airtime Sales  Social Media  On-Demand Streaming  Connected TV

Thank you for expressing interest in exploring the array of properties and services offered by Careco. Our approach involves leveraging a diverse set of assets to create authentic content, which is then strategically delivered across various platforms to effectively meet the unique marketing and sales objectives of each client. Our team passionately believes in avoiding a one-size-fits-all mentality. Instead, we thrive on customizing plans that align with your specific needs and remain adaptable to the ever-evolving dynamics of today's marketplace. As you navigate through this overview, we invite you to reach out. Let us collaborate to tailor a plan that not only meets but exceeds your goals.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to work together!

Video Production  Marketing  Digital Media  Airtime Sales  Social Media  On-Demand Streaming  Connected TV


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Content Solutions

Network Presence

Reaching the “Cord-Cutters”

On-site Production & Delivery

Media Properties & Events

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About Us

Drawing on over 30 years of experience, Careco has a proven track record in crafting captivating, industry-specific marketing programs for a broad clientele, spanning from innovative startups to established industry leaders. Careco excels in producing and disseminating content across a multitude of platforms. With our vast reach that includes connected streaming devices, cable and satellite television networks, social platforms, on-site events, and more, we guarantee the effective delivery of your message.

Content Solutions + Distribution | What We Offer

Streaming & Digital Services

Marketing, Production, & Content Services

Airtime Services

Outdoor Media Properties & Events

Navigating Your Network Presence

*formerly Velocity

Careco knows from real experiences and successes that television remains the most impactful and cost-effective platform available, delivering unparalleled viewership. If you want to place content on broadcast television, Careco’s dedicated efforts focus on strategically placing programs across an extensive network lineup. This ensures widespread distribution across multiple channels and platforms, including those listed on this slide and others.

*Formerly AT&T Sportsnet

Careco understands that viewers consume content across a spectrum of devices. We leverage a diverse range of assets from platforms like Roku, YouTube, Facebook, and others, in addition to our own proprietary digital network, Outdoor Action. We also collaborate with platforms like Pursuit UP to ensure that our combined platforms effectively reach everyone possible. This multi-faceted delivery system guarantees the availability of content 24/7. Download our Outdoor Action TV App on your favorite device to enjoy on demand content or tune into our live channel. Reaching “Cord-Cutters”

Outdoor Action TV is where we give passionate outdoor enthusiasts a variety of recent programming at their fingertips! Our viewers are guaranteed to find something to watch anytime they want without paying any subscription fees . We add new content weekly to include new episodes, new series, and short videos to keep our channels fresh.

Click the PLAY button to watch Outdoor Action’s Live Feed

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Advertising + Streaming | Defining the Process







1. We work with you to define the Goal and to determine how success will be judged. This may be creating brand awareness via videos, highly targeted digital solutions to drive traffic and generate sales - big or little, we are here to clearly Set the Goal.

2. Your customer is defined by: age, gender, ethnicity, income interest, behavior, web searches, retail visits, and other factors that enable effective targeting. Thus, clearly defining your Audience Segment is critical to successful advertising.

3. Numerous streaming & device options that exist today make it more important to select the most effective Platforms & Devices to reach your defined audience: CTV (Streaming), OLV (Online Video), Website (display),

4. Effective Ad Creatives Streaming Ad - :30 Non-Skippable Online Video Ad - :15 Skippable Pre-Roll Display Ad - clickable

5. Seen only by the target audience who fall within proximity to specific stores & locations.

6. Target previous users who have seen ad, visited

website, browsed e Commerce store or made a purchase.

Audio, Smart TV’s, Desktops, Mobile.

In-Field Production | Content Capture

Careco offers comprehensive studio and field production services to a diverse range of clients, spanning companies, events, and television series to ensure we can deliver your message. Our services encompass the entire production process, from conceptualization and planning to in-field producing, shooting, logging, storyboarding, on-site support, turnkey editing, closed captioning, and ensures distribution across various networks. Whether you require simple content creation for catalogs and social media, or large-scale event management with multi camera video acquisition for national network broadcasting, Careco has you covered.

• Short-Form Video Clips: 15-20 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention • Long-Form Video Clips: 1-2 minutes providing detailed product information • High-Quality Photos: Captured during or after video shoots

• Loop Videos for Tradeshows • Graphics and Presentations • Management and Gathering of Social Media Content

• Promotional Spots for Social Media and/or Television • Assist in creation of Product Catalogs • Producing Live-Stream Events

Content Creation | Our Process Careco generates a substantial volume of authentic content directly from the field. This content is shared on all of our assets, as well as provided to our clients, empowering them to populate their own pages and associated platforms with genuine marketing content.







Delivering Long-Form

Scheduling & Sharing

Delivering Short-Form

Planning and scheduling the shoot so we can help determine the talent, gear, look and location. Planning

Going to location studio to capture authentic content and then sharing field content right then. Capturing


Scheduling and sharing content on platforms worldwide for the next 1-2 years.

Delivery of still photos & short videos within 1-2 weeks.

Consulting and discussing your project.

Editing and delivering longform video content.

From on the water to in the field and the studio – Careco can take your vision for still photos and create intriguing images that you can use for social media, product catalogs, tradeshow booths, and any other graphical needs. Our clients often need lifestyle shots of their products, and as Careco already uses so many outdoor products daily, we’re experts at getting the right setup and shots. Creating Still Photo Content Content Samples | Photos

Sample of Product Covers

Careco captures video content for our partners every single day, thus enabling us to fulfill a variety of needs, backgrounds, and types of video for multiple uses. Whether you need a detailed instructional video, a product review video with calls-to-action, commercials, or simply shortform videos for social media, our videographers and editors can bring anything to life. Producing Videos for Every Need Content Samples | Videos

Click the PLAY button to watch the sample video

Social Media | E-Magazines | Podcasts

Extensive Engagement

Careco proudly engages with an extensive social audience, boasting nearly 1 million individuals across our own diverse platforms, as well as millions more through our partnerships. From social media enthusiasts and e-Magazine subscribers to avid podcast followers and more, the Careco reach spans a multitude of channels. This broad and vibrant community ensures that your content resonates with a vast and diverse audience.

Websites | Featured Content

Careco manages a diverse array of websites that serve as traditional platforms for sharing content. Through these websites, we facilitate a conventional and user-friendly approach to accessing and enjoying our content – whether users consume this information via computer, tablet, or mobile device.

visit here

visit here

visit here

visit here

Careco owns and operates a wide and diverse lineup of outdoors programs and events. In addition, we produce long form content for numerous companies and private individuals. The subsequent slides provide a detailed breakdown of our long-form properties and assets. Outdoor Media Properties

Hunting Properties Careco specializes in the outdoors – we live and breathe land and animal management, harvesting, best practice feeding programs, conservation, and passing on this passion to our youth. These hunting properties highlight all this and more – check out each series and see their unique features.

Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries brings viewers the best whitetail deer hunting stories from across the nation. Whitetail Diaries

Deer Gear provides insight on the latest hunting products around the industry. Deer Gear TV

Americana Outdoors provides hunting entertainment from deer hunting to exotics and more! Americana Outdoors

Fishing & Hunting Texas explores a variety of hunting trips across the Lone Star State. Fishing & Hunting Texas

Fishing Properties At Careco, we’ve fortunately turned our hobby into a livelihood : whether in a bass boat, saltwater boat, fishing from the banks, or from a kayak, our staff is always dreaming about the next catch, where to find it, what gear we’ll be using (tried and true, or something new). Below are our properties that feature all things fishing!

Fisherman’s Handbook is your guide to learning how to fish for bass, redfish, and more! Fisherman’s Handbook

Americana Outdoors covers a wide range of fisheries, from walleye up North, to bass & redfish down South. Americana Outdoors

Fishing & Hunting Texas explores a variety of fishing trips across the Lone Star State. Fishing & Hunting Texas

Tournament Properties

Careco is the leader in tournament coverage and production. When we began the Collegiate Bass Fishing Series in 2006, we knew we were striving to have this program continue to grow in perpetuity; we knew that this was important to keep youth involved and educated. In addition to collegiate bass fishing, Careco produces bass fishing, walleye fishing, offshore fishing tournaments and more. If you want to reach any tournament anglers, we have the means within our tournament properties.

Association of Collegiate Anglers hosts hundreds of anglers at major tournaments each year. Collegiate Bass Fishing Series

Texas Team Trail

National Walleye Tour

Texas Team Trail is a premier tournament series designed by fishermen for fishermen.

National Walleye Tour is the largest, most prestigious, and lucrative walleye fishing series in the nation.


Wade Middleton President 210.573.7057 (cell) Dennis Presley Director of Sales & Marketing 662.322.2500 (cell) Kyle Curry Sr. Editor | ACA Managing Director

214.226.4388 (cell)

825 West Bitters, Suite 200 San Antonio, TX 78216 210.697.8081

Video Production  Marketing  Digital Media  Airtime Sales  Social Media  On-Demand Streaming  Connected TV

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