Careco Media Kit - 2021


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Our History and Legacy

What is Careco?

I want to thank you for your interest in Careco and I personally look forward to discussing your needs. At Careco, we utilize a variety of assets and take great pride in working with all of our partners to ensure that their sales goals are met. We do this by providing cost-effective concepts that can be accomplished in a variety of manners. We also have a firm belief that there is not just one all- inclusive plan that fits everyone. It takes the sum of all parts to make this work, ensuring that we can achieve our goals together. Careco works with each client individually to develop a unique plan to promote sales and brand awareness in today's world of marketing and content placement. As you flip through the pages of this overview, please do not hesitate to reach out to me to help

Network Television Digital Streaming

Production and Delivery Services Let’s Spread the Word! Careco Outdoor Media Properties and Events

find a way to meet those goals. I look forward to working together!


Contact Info

Wade Middleton, President | 210-573-7057

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