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SEPT 2021 - 35 th EDITION I n this issue ... Wade Middleton on Using Garmin Tread™

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Johnny Morris Surprises Wounded Veterans with 10 New Homes


NEW! BlackOut NV-32 Compound Bow

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Get Ready For Archery Season

BIG Ole Mean Hogs!

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When you look at the calendar, it’s easy to see that summer is slowly fading away. Many schools are back in session, ICAST is long in the rear-view mirror, hunting sales are showing up daily, and it is time for me to pack for both an early season bow hunt in Kentucky and a muzzleloader hunt in Kansas. September is always a great month. Dove season kicks off, fishing for bull reds picks up, and camouflage clothing is seen all over the nation. As we flip through the pages on the calendar from August to September, I will be up in a tree somewhere in Kentucky testing out a new bow from Bass Pro Shops (as well as some other super-secret items I cannot tell you about just yet). So be sure and stay tuned to our social pages for coverage of that. It is clear I am thinking about hunting, but at the same time, we are still going to have our minds on fishing trips as we will be doing a bit of offshore action with the Yamaha team showing off the Helm Master. We will also be covering the championship of the National Walleye Tour and rigging out my new Ranger bass boat. So, as you prepare for the Fall, know that we are doing the same! While you explore the pages of this edition of the Americana Outdoors E-Magazine, be ready to see and learn about some of the newest outdoor items and insight on some of your well-known favorites.






Enjoy, and we hope to visit with all of you soon.

Wade Middleton President - Careco

Wade Middleton on Using Garmin Tread™ for Hunting, Ranching.

“It’ has the most functionality and a variety of features — it seems to be the most tailored for this.” Wade Middleton is the president of Careco Outdoors, the director of the Association of Collegiate Anglers and the co-host of the Garmin Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin channel — so essentially, anything he has to say about hunting and fishing is typically worth listening to. He travels worldwide but works predominately from a ranch in Texas, where he collaborates with some of the biggest names in the outdoors space to get up to all sorts hunting-related shenanigans, and recently, he’s been testing out the Garmin Tread™ on his side-by-side. got his Tread™ in March when it was first released and as a longtime user of Garmin handhelds for navigating while off-roading, he was immediately impressed. “I’ve used [Garmin handhelds] for navigating and getting around for a long time. But this is just the easiest, I think. It’s got the most functionality and a variety of features — it seems to be the most tailored for this. There’s just so much functionality and so many accessories to put on a Tread™.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Tread™ is a rugged powersport GPS navigator that lends itself to the perfect off-road experience, and for Middleton, that’s centered around hunting and ranching. “We mounted it on side-by-sides, where 95% of our use is around hunting, off-road riding, ranch work, things along those lines,” he said. Middleton

Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris Surprises Wounded Veterans With 10 Specially Adapted Homes Through Helping a Hero

Noted conservationist and Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris joined with Helping a Hero today to award a home to a deserving amputee, Marine Sergeant Joe Bartel of Aberdeen, North Carolina, as well as to pay the mortgage for Army Staff Sergeant Daniel Barnes of Waynesville, Missouri. Originally Morris pledged 10 new specially adapted homes in May through the Helping a Hero organization. Today, Morris made a surprise announcement that Bass Pro Shops will cover 25 percent of the funding for the next 100 donated homes to encourage Americans to get involved in Helping a Hero’s Wounded Hero Home Program. Veterans and their families gathered Thursday at Bass Pro Shops National Headquarters Store in Springfield, Missouri for the surprise

announcement. This week, the families had the opportunity to visit the “Grandaddy” Headquarters Store along with Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium and Big Cedar Lodge. Morris officially presented the key to the first adapted home funded through the Johnny Morris and Bass Pro Shops donations to Marine Sergeant Joe Bartel and his family of six in front of a national TV audience. The announcement led to tears and emotional reactions.

Read the rest of the article here.



Hybrid cam system – 337 fps arrow speeds with premier accuracy.

Roller guard promotes smooth draw, reduces vibration and noise after the shot.

BlackOut NV-32 Compound Bow

Comfortable to draw, stable to shoot, and powerfully accurate, the BlackOut® NV-32 Compound Bow gives bowhunters a premium blend of top-level performance and smooth shooting feel. Designed around a hybrid cam system that delivers a advanced performance with a silky-smooth draw, this bow launches arrows towards game at blazing speeds up to 337 fps. Striving to deliver the ultimate bowhunter-friendly experience, the NV-32’s stable design, advanced cams, and roller guard combine to give bowhunters a premier draw cycle and rock solid backwall on every shot. Built on a stable and steady machined-aluminum riser with a slim Precision Grip that helps archers balance the bow comfortably, the bow promotes quick shot acquisition whenever needed. The bow’s roller guard also works with its string stop and limb block system to stifle dynamic vibration and noise every time you release an arrow. This advanced bow system gives bowhunters the adjustment ability to match nearly any archer’s shooting style perfectly. A rotating mod on the hybrid cam allows custom draw length adjustments in precise 1/2” increments from 24-1/2” to 30-1/2” to help you find the perfect anchor point. Sturdy machined aluminum limb pockets offer easy draw weight adjustment, which with the 70%–85% adjustable let-off, helps you balance top power with your ability to hold the bow at full draw for extended periods in the field.

Equipped with premium strings and cables. Axle-to-axle: 32”. Brace height: 6.25”. Weight: 4.15 lbs.


Cabela’s CX Pro HD Rangefinder Binoculars Cabela’s® CX Pro HD Rangefinder Binoculars provide you with two essential tools for successful big game hunting: binoculars for searching and evaluating game, and a laser rangefinder for calculating the stalk and the shot. The built-in rangefinder gives accurate distances to reflective targets out to 1,800 yards, and over 750 yards on deer. Ranging response time is a blazing 0.25 second, or 4 readings per second on scan mode. An easy-to-read red illuminated OLED display menu offers 3 reticle choices. True horizontal distance mode takes the angle into consideration and gives you the true distance that gravity will affect your projectile. One of 10 pre-loaded ballistic profiles can be selected to display ballistic outputs in either MOA, MIL, or inches out to 800 yards. Fourmodes of operation include Rifle, Bow, Standard, and Scan mode. The binoculars utilize multiple ED glass elements with advanced Ultra- Wide Band coating to increase light transmission for brighter images. Phase-coated prisms with Dielectric prism coating enhance resolution to produce natural, life-like colors. CX Pro HD Rangefinder Binoculars are constructed with an extremely lightweight, yet rugged and corrosion-resistant magnesium alloy chassis. A durable rubber armored exterior provides a solid, non-slip hold, and a large, textured focus wheel operates smoothly. Ambidextrous ranging buttons allows the rangefinder to be easily triggered with either hand.The binoculars are Nitrogen filled and O-ring sealed for fog proof and IPX7 waterproof protection. Includes: premium neck strap, soft carry case, lithium CR-2 battery, and lens covers.

• Two essential tools in one • Provides distances out to 1,800 yards • 0.25-second ranging response time • True horizonal distance mode • Red OLED display menu • 3 reticle choices • Scan mode

• Multiple ED glass elements • Ultra-Wide Band lens coating • Phase-coated prisms • Dielectric prism coating • Magnesium alloy chassis • Rubber armor exterior • IPX7 waterproof/fog proof

BlackOut MX6 Micro Diameter Carbon Arrows

Built tohunt, BlackOutMX6MicroDiameter CarbonArrowsdeliver surgical penetrationand lightning-fast flight with construction that stands up to real world use. Giving bowhunters a great combination of performance, toughness, and impact energy, the MX6’s thin diameter cuts through winds better than standard arrows for better long range accuracy. This smaller diameter also delivers faster flight speeds thanks to reduced friction. The arrow’s micro diameter also works with the MX6 Insert System to deliver better impact energy and deeper penetration. This special insert significantly increases the arrow’s durability where the broadhead connects to the shaft, gives the MX6 a higher front of center measure, and helps the arrow strike game like a hammer to power through bone, hide, and muscle.

Fits standard thread sizes and 5/16” diameter points. 2” vanes. Straightness tolerance: ±.006”. Weight tolerance: ±2 grains. 6 arrows.

• Hard hitting, high performance micro diameter hunting arrow • Great combination of performance, toughness, and impact energy for bowhunters • Tough carbon construction and MX6 Insert System - great penetration energy • Micro diameter - less wind drift and fast, flat trajectories • MX6 insert - strong broadhead connection, high F.O.C., greater energy at impact • 2” vanes • Great choice for big game hunting • 6 pack

Pair with the BlackOut Gator SS Expandable Broadhead


BlackOut Deluxe Field Point Bag Targets

RedHead Tec-Lite Long-Sleeve Woven Shirt for Men

RedHead Camo Utility Waterproof Rubber Boots for Men

Cabela’s Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder

BlackOut Marksman Pro Bow Release

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In this recent episode of Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, we’re hunting one of the most destructive animals: feral hogs. As an invasive species, feral hogs are the bane of native animals, hunters, land owners, and ranchers alike, and we’ll take a look at all the various ways you can hunt them, while having a lot of fun along the way! Many people look at hog hunting as a way to help eradicate the overpopulation of feral hogs, most of which have caused significant damage to the environment.

Over the course of this episode, we’ll be taking a look at several fun hog hunts we had using the Smith & Wesson M&P® 15 where we bring down multiple hogs. We’ll learn that when it comes to hog hunting, you have to think about how you’re going to get the upper hand and give yourself every advantage possible against these frustratingly clever critters. Doug Robert’s of ConQuest Scents is also featured in this episode as he is on a crossbow hunt as using ConQuest Scents’ Tyrant Rutting Boar & Estrus Sow Scents to his benefit.

A great aspect of hog hunting is that they can be hunted 365 days a year, day or night. This open season on hogs, gives hunters a wide variety of means and methods to enjoy hog hunting, from compound bows to crossbows, handguns, airguns, traditional bolt action rifles, and modern sporting rifles! Oneof themost important things todobefore hitting the field is to check your local state hunting guidelines to ensure you’re operating within legal bounds. As Wade will tell us, “ the bottom line on hog hunting is get out, learn their habits, learn what they do, and whether you’re just trying to shoot a small one to put in the smoker, or you’re trying to shoot a big boar to mount on the wall, you’re going to enjoy a hog hunt! ”

Then, Michael Wersig goes after some more hogs but this time, he’s going out for an evening hunt where he’ll be using Exude Lights to spot hogs in low light settings. Finally, to round out this show, we’ll be busting out a new method of hunting that we’ve never seen in our camp before, the Umarex AirSaber Airgun!

HOG HUNTING WITH THE UMAREX AIRSABER! The Umarex AirSaber Airgun is a brand new mode of hunting for the crew of Americana Outdoors. and has a top Picatinny rail for mounting an optic of your choice. Unlike other arrow shooting rifles this air rifle has sleek form and a price that’s hard to beat!

The AirSaber air archery rifle uses high-pressure air to propel a 350-grain arrow at velocities up to 480 feet per second with a fully charged air tank. Arrows shot from a full tank reach energy levels up to 178 ft lbs. This is more than enough for hunting big game and is, in fact, legal in 10 states for deer and most states allow for predator/feral species hunting with devices of this kind. The AirSaber uses a special carbon-fiber arrow that weighs 250 grains by itself. These arrows accept standard and mechanical broadheads and are easily changed out. Shooters can expect to get 25 shots at big game lethal energy on one fill or 30 shots of predator lethal energy. The tank pressurizes at 3,625 PSI and the AirSaber comes with a Foster fitting fill probe for easy fills with an HPA compressor, hand-pump, or SCBA tank. The AirSaber is accurate out to 70 yards and

Press the PLAY BUTTON below, and Michael Wersig will give you the run down on this incredible airgun as well as its counterpart the Umarex AirJavelin! The Umarex AirJavelin CO2 powered arrow gun is an easy to use arrow launching gun that’s great fun for the whole family. Watch Michael, take the Umarex AirSaber into the field to go after some feral hogs in Texas.

YAMAHA RACERS GO HUNTING From Left to Right: Jeff Reynolds, Wade Middleton, Scott Newby, Walker Fowler, Chad Weinen, Michael Wersig.

The 2021 Yamaha Writer’s Event brought some of Yamaha’s top racers from the Yamaha Racing Team to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries deer camp to put down their racing gear and pick up their archery equipment. It’s tradition each year for Yamaha to bring outdoor writers to the Yamaha Whitetail Diaries Deer Camp to showcase Yamaha’s lineup of Side-By-Side vehicles in a real-world off-road environment. The purpose of this is for the chosen writers to get real- world and hands-on experience with the Yamaha vehicles instead of just reading a press release. This year, however, Yamaha shook things up and brought in two racers from their racing division. Chad Wienen & Walker Fowler are both multi champions in their respected racing divisions were introduced to the Yamaha Wolverine X4 XT-R 850 and the Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 100 XT-R Side-By-Sides. These vehicles were their

means of transportation as they enjoyed a week of hunting and trail riding with these Proven Off-Road Vehicles. The hunting conditions for the Yamaha Writer’s Event will be challenging for our hunters. They are going up against a 20+ month drought in the area. So a lot of deer have broken up already, and it’s still early in the season.

The first hunter we go out with is Chad Wienen, a seven-time AMA Pro ATV MX Champion. Chad has only shot a bow recreationally before now, so this

Chad Wienen (left) takes the Wolverine X4 out to his hunting stand for an afternoon hunt. will be the first time he’ll take to the woods with it. He’s looking to not only get his first whitetail but to fill the freezer and feed his family. However, Chad must battle buck fever to bring that meat home.

Our other Team Yamaha Racer, Walker Fowler, is a Six-Time Grand National Cross Country XC1 Pro ATV Champion, and he brings all the eagerness and excitement that only a first-time hunter can express. Walker has chosen to pick up a TenPoint Crossbow for his hunt, and he’ll be venturing out in the all-new Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 Side-By- Side.



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As evidenced by my farmers tan, I spend a lot of time outdoors at my deer leases, hunting in remote locations, fishing all over the nation, and participating in just about anything that can get me outdoors. To say I prefer being outdoors is an understatement and as such I like to feel prepared, safe and to know I can take care of myself if danger presents itself. I’m not going to lie, there are times where I look over my shoulder in those remote off-the-beaten-path locations and wonder what’s around me. For that reason, I generally either carry a handgun or have one nearby in the event I begin to feel worried or uncomfortable. WHYICARRYINTHEOUTDOORS by Wade Middleton

Continue reading the article here.



Hawk’s new line of premium box blinds provide hunters of all ages and experience levels with superior comfort and reliability! Each box blind has insulated interior and exterior steel surfaces as well as insulated powder-coated steel floors, making every blind built to last. They are equipped with foam insulated walls and steel floors that are topped with a 1’’ high-density rubber mats, making even the noisiest hunters hard to detect. All box blinds ship fully assembled and field ready. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty. HAWK’S SUPERIOR STEEL BOX BLINDS

‘The Double’ measures 5’ W x 6’ D x 6.5’ T (Click the photo to learn more)

‘The Compound’ unit measures 7.25’ W x 5.75’ D x 6.5’ T (Click the photo to learn more)

‘The Office’ unit measures 6’ W x 6.5’ T (Click the photo to learn more)

Every Hawk box blind has an ultra-dark black interior, preventing shadows and allowing for easy movement to shoot. Hunters can shoot through any of the one-piece roto-molded window frames, which are equipped with eaves to keep you dry, even in the most adverse weather conditions. The windows are made up of a one hand operable silent window system, made of residential glass, and the doors are full-frame “RV” style door with a handle and lock included. Multiple tower combo options can also be purchased with the blinds, including a 5ft and 10ft tower base. For more details about any of the Hawk box blind and all of Hawk’s new products for 2021, please click here.

Nutrient Max. Crude Protein 20.0% - Crude Fat 3.0% - Crude Fiber - 14.0% Min.


Our exclusive wild berry flavoring system helps increase consumption of the right levels of protein, energy, vitamins and minerals for Record Rack ® performance. Intense Berry Smell Deer can smell this from miles away. Why let those monster bucks stay roaming around on someone else’s property? Entice them in and keep them coming back to yours! Irresistible Taste The smell draws them in, but the TASTE keeps them coming back for more! All our Record Rack ® products include a proprietary nutrient formulation that delivers a unique and consistent blend of ingredients that ensures maximum palatability and consumption. Deer require different nutrients at various times of the year and Mother Nature can’t always keep up. If you want to maintain a healthier herd on your property, and help support the growth of bucks to their full genetic potential, then throwing corn out isn’t enough. Record Rack ® Sportsman Premium Deer Feed is serious nutrition designed to supplement native food supplies. It contains a unique and consistent blend of select ingredients delivering: • High protein content to support overall herd health • All the vitamins and minerals necessary to help support a healthy bodyweight and antler growth • Our exclusive wild berry recipe to attract them in and help ensure consumption.

Why mix a bunch of different things and not know what really works? Just open up the bag of Record Rack ® Sportsman and pour it into a gravity feeder or covered trough where the feed will not be directly exposed to rain. Feed free-choice to deer and game in their natural environment as a supplement to their natural diet when limited browse and forbs are available.



With Record Rack ® Sportsman formula, you’re not just feeding deer. You’re feeding them better. And at the end of the day it all adds up to superior results.

SCENTBOMB EVERCALM DEER HERD AEROSOL EverCalm, ConQuest Scents’ #1 Deer Scent is now available in an Aerosol Bomb! It can be dispensed in bursts which allows you to control how much scent is released at one time. Or, it can be dispensed all at one time, filling the entire hunting area with the EverCalm Scent. The nozzle atomizes the EverCalm as it is released into the hunting area. Atomizing allows the EverCalm to stick to vegetation in the environment so you can leave an active scent trail. NOW AVAILABLE IN 7oz & 3.5oz CANS!

WHERE SHOULD I PUT MY DEER FEEDER? There’s a lot that goes into setting up a deer feeder, corn feeders, free choice feeders, etc. It’s not just go out and throw it in a field, and think you’re going to have success. You’re going to pull something in, sure. But there are some situations where you can really use it to your benefit to make it easier to hunt, and/or create a sanctuary where you’re not going into those areas for your game animals to feed.

Click the PLAY BUTTON to WATCH our vide on on where to put up your feeder.


DON’T WAIT! GEAR UP FOR FALL 2021! TenPoint Crossbow Technologies offers an array of superior crossbow accessories that have been custom designed to work specifically with your hunting crossbow. From precision-built crossbow bolts to broadheads, slings, cases, and more, TenPoint has you covered this season! EVO-X CenterPunch Premium Carbon Crossbow Arrow

The CenterPunch crossbow bolt is constructed from modulus carbon fiber at 33 MSI (million-pounds-per-square-inch) wrapped in an exclusive LAZER-TECH carbon weave. The 20-inch version is fletched with 3.5” Bohning X Vanes and the 16-inch version is fletched with 2.1” Q2i Fusion Vanes. The EVO-X CenterPunch crossbow bolt is also equipped with an 84-grain lead-free brass insert – giving it ideal F.O.C. for improved flight, stability, and accuracy. Independent, third party testing has shown that the CenterPunch arrow improves a crossbow hunter’s accuracy by 25% Pro Elite 400 Carbon Crossbow Arrow The Pro Elite 400 20-inch carbon crossbow arrow is fletched slightly offset and is fitted with a 61-grain aluminum insert, 3.5: Bohning X Vanes™ and TenPoint’s white Alpha-Nock and receiver. Pro Elite shafts are inspected for straightness to within .003” and hand-sorted for weight tolerance to within 2-grains per pack. A lighted version is also available.

XX75 Wicked Ridge Aluminum Arrow The XX75 20-inch 2219 aluminum arrow is fletched slightly offset and is fitted with a 13-grain aluminum insert, fletched with 2.0” Easton Bully Boattail Vane and TenPoint’s white Alpha-Nock. A lighted version is also available.

EVO-X CenterPunch Broadhead The bestmechanical broadheads for crossbows, the 100-grain, rear-deploying EVO-X CenterPunch Crossbow Broadheads are designed for strength and feature a collarless design that delivers field point accuracy and a devastating 1 7/8” cut. The 7075 T6 aluminum ferrule, ultra-strong precision point, and scalpel-sharp blades stay closed during flight – creating massive wound channels and leaving huge blood trails. EVO-X Montec Fixed Blade Broadhead Built exclusively for TenPoint by G5, this one-piece, 100-grain fixed blade broadhead is designed for maximum strength and pin-point accuracy, and features a three-blade, cut-on- contact design with a devastating 1 1/8″ cut. Its one-piece MIM construction is 100% steel and the blades are honed to diamond-cut sharpness. The EVO-X Montec is designed to shoot accurately from high-performance crossbows.

TenPoint Neoprene Sling The TenPoint Neoprene Sling features an extra strong 1.25- inch shoulder strap with an integrated elastic band and a thumb loop for added shoulder security. Non-slip design with custom swivels and heavy-duty adjustable strap.


STEALTH CAM LAUNCHES ENHANCED COMMAND PRO APP FOR CELLULAR TRAIL CAMERAS Stealth Cam®, the leader in trail camera innovation and cellular imaging technology, has just launched its all-new Command Pro App for 2021! This new App provides a seamless integration for wireless camera operation and image/video management for Stealth Cam. Retooled and refreshed for 2021, the Command Pro app raises the bar in remote scouting with the integration of industry leading technology, supported by a robust server platform for improved performance and reliability. These features include: High-resolution HD downloads – Availablethrough all the new 2021 camera models (DS4K™, REACTOR, FUSION X, MORPH, MERGE, MANIFEST 2.0, RELAY, TRAIL-TEK).

Video Mode w/ Previews – For the new 2021 video enabled cameras, the Command Pro app shows a 3-frame preview of the recorded video, before you chose to download the full clip. Night Colorization – Turn black and white images into color on demand with Command Pro’s groundbreaking AI powered technology. Tagging options and filters – This option makes it possible to organize and recall individual animals and select filter parameters to identify and sort game patterns, time frame, and environmental conditions. In short, the new filtering and tagging functions can help you pattern your biggest target animals. Global Gallery – This feature integrates images, videos, and video previews from all 2020 and 2021 Stealth Cam, Muddy & Wildview cellular cameras into a single gallery! These are conveniently stored chronologically by date and time. By leveraging the new filter and tagging options, the Global Gallery offers territory-wide activity monitoring at a glance and with never-before-seen






precision. Already a Stealth Cam Command user? No problem! Your app and cameras will continue to work. To experience the new features or add new cameras, you will need to update your old Command App simply by visiting the App or Google Play Stores, search for Stealth Cam Command Pro, and press update. The update will keep your current cameras, settings, and photos without the need to re-add or reset them. The Stealth Cam and Muddy family of cellular trail cameras set themselves apart for their advanced technology and practical performance engineered to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of today’s big game hunters and wildlife observers. Now, with the innovation provided by the new and improved Command Pro App, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy “the next best thing to being there!” For more information on the Command Pro App or to review all of Stealth Cam’s new wireless cameras for 2021, click here.

Trijicon Huron ® 2.5-10x40 Riflescope When you’re ready to extend your whitetail deer hunting range, the Trijicon Huron® 2.5-10x40 gives you the confidence you need. With an increased magnification range and larger objective lens, take advantage of edge-to-edge clarity (even in low light conditions), a 30mm tube, and crisp, precise windage and elevation adjusters. This scope is designed to take a beating and keep its zero.

Wade has gone on several hunts utilizing the Trijicon Huron® in Texas during both morning and afternoon hunts. Click on any of the the PLAY BUTTONS on your right to watch these hunts and see how the Trijicon Huron® 2.5-10x40 played a key role in each. “When its hot here in Texas, deer mainly start to move thirty-minutes to an hour before last light so having the Trijicon Huron® Riflescope is a huge advantage when it comes to its incredible light gathering capabilities, as the sun starts to set.” -Wade Middleton

“Wonky Bucks and Tripods”

“Hunting Whitetail Near a Creek”


INGREDIENTS: • 250 ml (1 c) of diced venison (Note: Other meats, such as beef or pork can substitute) • 6 slices bacon chopped • 500 g (1 lb) cooked navy beans • 1 red pepper diced • 1 onion finely diced • 15 ml (1 tbsp) Worcestershire sauce • 15 ml (1 tbsp) Dijon mustard • 5 ml (1 tsp) chili powder (more or less depending on your taste) • 250 ml (1 c) ketchup

PREPARATION: 1. In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients thoroughly. 2. Pour into a 23 cm x 33 cm (9” x 13”) glass or ceramic baking dish. SMOKING METHOD: 1. Preheat the Bradley Smoker to 105°C (225°F). 2. Place baking dish in the Bradley Smoker on the top rack. 3. Using Pecan flavour bisquettes, cook/smoke for approximately 3 to 4 hours. 4. Stir once each 1/2 hour for the first 1-1/2 hours. You may wish to turn the smoke generator off after the first 1-1/2 hours but continue cooking the bean mixture.

• 65 ml (1/4 c) brown sugar • 125 ml (1/2 c) molasses

TO SERVE: 1. Little more is needed than a green salad and a crusty loaf or cornbread to sop up the juices of Venison Smoked Beans.


The Bradley Smoker Professional P10 comes with 4 Racks, 1000W heating elements, smoke for up to 10 hours with no refil, completely insulated and professional grade 76L stainless steel body design.


Garmin Wins Best of Category in Ice Fishing at ICAST 2021

The Garmin LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle LI brought home top honors in the Ice Fishing Categoryat the ICAST2021NewProductShowcase. For the fourth year in a row, Garmin has snagged a Best of Category award at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades (ICAST). This year, it’s the Garmin LiveScope™ Ice Fishing Bundle LI, which provides a premium fishing experience with its advanced sonar technology and lightweight lithium-ion battery. What does “Best of Category” mean exactly? It’s precisely what it sounds like. Voted on by industry media and buyers at the fishing industry’s most prestigious tradeshow, the LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle LI was deemed top of the line in the Ice Fishing category in the New Product Showcase. Released in July 2021 and available for purchase in the fall, the LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle LI is a chartplotter and transducer bundle with Panoptix™ LiveScope sonar powered by a lightweight lithium battery. And they do mean lightweight — it weighs in at 3.4 pounds, which is a third of the weight of comparable lead acid batteries, and it provides

Includes ECHOMAP™ UHD 93sv and Li-ion Battery

65% more battery life. This means it’s easier for you to carry from hole to hole and will keep you fishing hours longer than you would have been able to previously. The transducer features two modes — LiveScope™ Forward and LiveScope™Down— that allowanglers to see sonar images of fish and surrounding structures in real time up to 200’ in any direction below the ice. The included chartplotter — ECHOMAP™ UHD 93sv — grants one-press access to all an angler’s favorite pages and is preloaded with LakeVü g3 maps that cover more than 18,000 lakes with up to 1’ fishing contours.

The bundle also comes equipped with a swivel pole mount for the transducer, a battery charger and a LiveScope transducer cable that stays flexible in low temperatures — all in a portable bag to make it easy to handle on the ice. Ready to quit reading and start fishing? Snag your own Garmin LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle LI this fall.

Learn more about the Garmin LiveScope Ice Fishing Bundle LI by clicking the PLAY BUTTON.


• Proven Hull w/ All-New Decks • Standard Ranger RIDE system • NEW Shellback Bolstered Seating

• Standard TRACKER Lithium Batteries • Removable Passenger Console • Peak all-around performance

Click the PLAY BUTTON to go on a tour of the Ranger Z520R with Wade Middleton.


The MyYamahaOutboards app and web portal is a convenient way to track essential maintenance information for your outboards. You’ll enjoy a simpler, more enjoyable ownership experience because the app: routine maintenance and the ability to snooze them. • Puts your preferred, authorized Yamaha Outboard dealer a tap away • Allows you to view updates after dealer-performed service, and record DIY maintenance on every outboard you own • Puts a full maintenance history at your fingertips— which can be valuable for warranty and resale • Offers helpful features like trip logs, checklists, multi-boat management and Yamaha resources Download the mobile app or visit on your desktop to get started. MAINTENANCE HISTORY IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND • Provides service reminders for

YAMAHA’S HELM MASTER® EX Brings Ultimate Boat Control and Fishability to More Boaters

Yamaha Marine introduced Helm Master EX, the next level of customizable, integrated boat control. Now available in single through quad outboard applications, Helm Master EX brings forward the benefits from the original Helm Master system, including joystick maneuverability, and improves upon them to create greater control and fishability for a wider range of boaters. “The new and improved features of Helm Master EX make boating easier and more convenient than ever before,” said Ben Speciale, President, Yamaha Marine U.S. Business Unit. “The expansion of the system to single-outboard boat configurations is perfect for smaller center console and larger bay boats. The new joystick option, which is the same as that used on multi-outboard systems, allows boaters who desire single-outboard power to enjoy the majority of the benefits associated with multi- outboard Helm Master EX applications.” CONTROL WHILE YOU GO WITH THE FLOW

includes functions such as course and heading hold, Track Point (NAV along waypoints), and two types of pattern steer that seamlessly integrate with Speed Control and Pattern Shift. 
In addition, joystick adjustability provides increased comfort, control and convenience and allows for fine tuning of Yamaha Autopilot and SetPoint® features without leaving current mode, creating additional ease of use and capability. 
 Incredibly fast and responsive Digital Electric Steering (DES) means Helm Master EX provides precise control with an uncluttered bilge. DES can now be added to any current and most previous Digital Electronic Control (DEC)-capable Yamaha outboard models. The system’s DEC (control box) has also been redesigned for ergonomic comfort and ease of use. All functions previously on the Helm Master control now come standard on all Helm Master EX system configurations. 
 Helm Master EX suits a wide variety of boat applications, fits all current YamahaDECoutboards and back-fits outboards creating a wider range of repower flexibility. 
 Also new, Helm Master EX (or its properly configured component systems) can be installed by the boat builder at the factory or by dealers when repowering customer boats at the dealership. This allows boaters flexibility in tailoring their Helm Master EX system to their specific desires. 
 Yamaha’s Helm Master EX PowerMatched®/ Component Limited Warranty applies to all components within the system. Helm Master EX is available through Yamaha boat builders and dealers.

Select DriftPoint® (top) or DriftPoint Track (bottom) and your boat will enter a controlled drift, either simply maintaining its heading (DriftPoint) or maintaining its heading while drifting along a set of determined waypoints on a route (DriftPoint Track). Helm Master EX boasts enhanced joystick maneuverability with smooth, quiet, precise operation, new single-function buttons and new features like DriftPoint® Track. Effortless Yamaha Autopilot can be adjusted with the joystick and

The Yamaha Helm Master EX was featured in an episode of Americana Oudoors. Click the PLAY Button to watch and learn more!

Bass Pro Shops school of the year presented by abu garcia pre-season poll rankings


1. University of Montevallo Montevallo, AL 2021 Final Ranking: 1st School of the Year Titles: 1 (2021) Topping the list in the ACA Top 25 Pre-Season Poll is the University of Montevallo, winner of the 2021 Bass Pro Shops School of the Year presented by Abu Garcia. Montevallo put together one of the best seasons in collegiate bass fishing history by earning a record 18,415 points during the 2020-21 season. It should come as no surprise that coaches, anglers, and media members view the reigning School of the Year winner as the frontrunner to repeat.

2. Adrian College Adrian, MI 2021 Final Ranking: 3rd

Adrian College finds itself in an extremely familiar position entering the 2021-22 season, and that would be towards the top of the standings. Coaches, anglers, and media members voted Adrian as the second-best team in collegiate bass fishing for the upcoming year.

3. Carson-Newman University Jefferson City, TN 2021 Final Ranking: 4th Up next is one of the most up-and-coming teams in all of collegiate bass fishing, Carson-Newman University. The team from Jefferson City, TN has continually improved each of the past four seasons and will enter the 2021-22 campaign ranked 3rd based on the input of those participating in the poll.

Click here to read the full articles about the TOP 25 Rankings

Click the PLAY Button to watch and learn more about the NEW SPRO Flappin’ Frog!

Part of the Essential series, the SPRO® engineers worked diligently to create the new Flappin’ Frog, extending the company’s footprint in the world of topwaters with a frog meant to be buzzed. The skirted legs have been replaced by paddle-tailed appendages that can be buzzed across the surface or retrieved in a stop-and-go pattern. They’re deadly over thick cover and in open water alike. The frog is made of elastomer material, which makes it float and stretch. As with the other SPRO frogs, a key part of the Flappin’ Frog’s effectiveness is that it’s built around a Gamakatsu Nano-Coated Superline Double Frog Hook that gives a weedless presentation, as well as increases hookup percentage without risk of bending out. The frog’s body is built of a floating elastomer material, so when a fish strikes half-heartedly or misses the lure, you can stop it in its tracks and tempt it to come back. The Flappin’ Frog makes a ruckus, whether retrieved at rocket speed or slowly walked back. The legs kick and buzz with only the slightest forward movement, and savvy anglers can mix up their retrieves until they find out what bass want on a particular day. The Flappin’ Frog will initially be offered in 11 of SPRO’s proven frogging colors so any angler can imitate any forage. SPRO ® FLAPPIN’ FROG 65

SPRO Flappin’ Frog Features: • Weight: 5/8 oz. • Size: 65 mm • Hook: 4/0 Gamakatsu Nano-Coated Superline Double Frog Hook • Depth: Topwater


The ultimate forward-facing sonar jighead is now available. The Pendulate Jig was designed for use with forward-facing sonar techniques to help you better present your soft plastics in those situations. Many times, when using forward-facing sonar you may be dropping baits to as deep as 50ft plus. As your jighead rigged with a plastic falls, it will commonly spin and create line twists. After continued drops, your line will become more and more twisted making it difficult to use. The Pendulate Jighead features an innovative design where a swivel is molded directly into the head of the jig to prevent line twists. Having the swivel molded directly into the jighead, and one end used as the line tie, creates a smaller profile for the jighead, thus making for a more natural appearance in clear water or when targeting pressured fish. Another added benefit of the molded-in swivel is that the eye will spin when under strain from a fish, allowing them to apply less pressure when hooked. The Pendulate features a custom Gamakatsu hook that has a larger gap and acute bend to provide greater holding power. It also has a molded wire keeper to hold plastics and a large reflective eye to attract all species. Hand-painted with powder-coated paint and clear coat finishes provide realistic baitfish patterns to match any soft plastic color.

Click the PLAY Button to watch and learn more about the NEW Pendulate Jighead from Big Bite Baits!

Sunline expands their fluorocarbon leader offerings with Maboroshi, a new camoflauged fluorcarbon leader. Maboroshi FC Leader is a 100%fluorocarbon leader material that features Sunline’s Vivid Dying Process, which significantly reduces the visibility of the leader material even further. The dying process adds five natural colors to the line helping it blend into rocks, wood or grass.

• 100% fluorocarbon leader specific material • Vivid Dying Processing with five metered colors • Double resin processing • Low water absorption for negligible strength loss • 50yd spool • MSRP $15.59


Click the PLAY Button to watch and learn more about the NEW Barricade Elite Rain Suit from AFTCO!

AFTCO’s Barricade Elite jacket and bib features 100% nylon 4-layer construction designed for saltwater. Winner of the 2021 ICAST Best of Category (Cold Weather Technical Apparel) this 30K waterproof / 7K breathable system is built to perform, featuring the innovative SpeedVent™ Hood which eliminates neck strain, Double Dry Cuffs to prevent water seepage, YKK AquaGuard® chest zippers, kill switch D-Ring, reinforced utility pocket, and reflective logos. Welcome to the next generation of best-in-class outerwear.

13qt Live Bait Drybox/ Cooler How could Engel Coolers improve upon a wildly popular industry-standard live bait cooler? First, they replaced the standard hang tray with an all-new pull net. This new feature makes fetching your bait and changing the water a breeze. Second, Engel Coolers moved the air tube port from the edge of the sidewall up into the lid. This should allow you to fill/use more of the box capacity, while also cutting down on the small overflow splashes that result from allowing the cooler to vent around the air tube. Engel Coolers’ powerful Gen2 2-speed 2X2 Air Pump keeps the water fully aerated, while the insulated cooler shields expensivebait fromtheelements.Pluginto your car or boat’s cigarette lighter using a 12V adapter to run the pump overnight and keep bait fresh for the next morning.

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