Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - November 2019

As we made our way to the camp we were staying at our observations of Central Kansas and the area nearby where we’d be hunting was that it had lots of vegetation, water, and bedding areas and based on scouting cameras and conversations with others in camp the deer are flourishing.

As the hunt began we hastily built a ground blind of cedars and brush and settled in to wait for the deer that we’d hoped were bedded down in front of us to begin to migrate to both a nearby Soy Field and Oat Patch behind us. Little did we know what would unfold would be one of the most high en- ergy crazy moments in my hunting career that only video can tell the story as we had a flood of deer both does and bucks, coming out everywhere in the last few moments of daylight forcing us to quickly adapt and make moves we’d never made before to get a shot!

With all the intensity, and excitement mixed altogether it left us both speechless and I’m sure you’ll agree when you see it that we were lucky in the final moments to make it all happen in Kansas.


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