Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - November 2019

SUNLINE NIGHT FC 165 YARD SPOOL Sunline will be lighting up the night this summer with the release of their new Night FC. The new Night FC provides a fluorocarbon option for anglers who en- joy fishing for their favorite species after dark. For years, only nylon lines were available in high visibility colors that were visible under black lights. New for 2019, Sunline has designed the ultimate night fishing fluorocarbon line. Night FC was specifically designed for angling at night. It is highly visible under black light, so an angler is able to see his lines at all times.

EVERCALM BOMB EverCalm, ConQuest Scents #1 Deer Scent is now available in an Aerosol Bomb! It can be dis- pensed in bursts which allows you to control how much scent is released at one time. Or, it can be dispensed all at one time, filling the entire hunting area with EverClam Scent. The nozzle atomizes the EverCalm as it is released into the hunting area. Atomizing allows the EverCalm to stick to vegetation in the enviroment so you can leave an active scent trail.

WXV VERIZON CELLULAR CAMERA Stealth CamĀ® ups the ante on wireless image transmission & expands its coverage with the introduction of the new WXV Verizon & AT cellular camera. Users have com- plete control of their cameras via the updated FREE Stealth Cam Remote APP 3.0. The apps new streamlined interface allows the user to configure all camera settings as well as manage the transmission schedule and remotely erase the memory card.

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