Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - November 2019

a good time even when they’re sitting. Although you can start to tell pretty quickly when they’re getting bored and their attention span’s waning and it’s time to call the ride back out so we can get back into camp. Overnight the temperatures plummeted to the mid-thirties so the guys decided to move to a different a box blind to help stay a little warmer and not have to deal with mother nature as much. The first deer arrived before the sun fully rose and Landon took interest in a tall forked buck. He and his father Steve both agreed that was the buck they wanted. The buck didn’t stay around for long and nothing else came into the area that excited them as much as the forked buck so, another trip in the Viking to go back to camp for break- fast, more range time, and prepare to go after the buck in the afternoon. Watch the video below for the rest of the video has Landen hunts for his first-ever buck!

Steve Nessl and his son, Landon practicing on the range to refamiliarize himself with the firearm.


Eye on the prize. Landon and his father spotted their buck.

The boys loved riding the Yamaha Viking VI almost as much as they did hunting!

Landon is ready for round two in hopes of getting the 4-pointer they saw.

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