Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - May 2022

Its interior and fit and finish lags well behind its competitors, which is to be expected on such an old rig. With a clunky, cheap-feeling shifter and bargain-basement steering wheel, it’s clear how long it’s been since the machine got a clean- sheet redesign. But there was another problem. Drivers had to pay close attention to gear selection. While the Commander took on nearly everything we threw at it in high gear, the General often demanded low range, threatening to smoke its belt if we didn’t comply.

like to spend your time ripping up wide-open trails and need a larger cargo box, the Can-Am Commander is your machine. If your riding days are full of careful crawling and you want the best stereo on the market, the General XP 1000 is a solid choice. But at the end of the day, one rig shone equally bright in every situation: The RMAX. Sitting at dinner, we each replayed the day’s riding, marveling at how well the Yamaha performed in every situation. The mechanical locker makes the rig sure-footed on steep climbs. The brakes, while softer than the Can-Am’s, are predictable and easy to modulate, making descents a nonissue. Visibility is excellent, as is power. And if you feel like picking up the pace, the RMAX is happy to oblige. While it lacks niceties like a winch, its low MSRP means there’s plenty of room in the budget to equip the machine how you like. That’s why the 2022 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 is our winner.

The 2022 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport is everything you need for fun on the trail with nothing you don’t.Photo by Justin W. Coffey That wasn’t a problem we had with the RMAX. As Fitch said, the machine just didn’t care what we pointed it at, regardless of gear. That’s due in part to its clever clutching. But the Yamaha did have one foible. At speed, the short wheelbase conspires to make the machine feel busy. “It’s twitchier at speed than the Can-Am,” Richardson said. “Less composed. It’s capable, just not as deft.” Fitch also noted a problem we’ve experienced in the past: engine noise. “It’s loud. Makes it sound like the engine is trying harder than it is,” he said. So Who Won? The biggest shock from our trip to Utah was how well all of these machines performed. There’s a solid case to be made for each of them. If you

Winner: The 2022 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2 1000 Sport. Photo byJustin W. Coffey

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