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Is the Garmin XERO Legal in Your State?

Father’s Day Gift Guide & What’s in Your Freezer?

Boating to the Rescue!

JUNE 2020 - 27 TH EDITION I n this issue ... Garmin® Adds Perspective Mode For Panoptix LiveScope™ Dominate Inshore and Nearshore with the Ranger RB200 Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s Father’s Day Gift Guide Boating to the Rescue! The Fastest and Narrowest Forward Draw Crossbow Ever Yamaha Outdoors’ Virtual Academy Garmin® Adds Solar Charging to Quatix 6 Smartwatch Series Exotic Handgun Hunting with the Performance Center Model 629 Stealth Cam® Announces Industry-Leading Wireless Plans

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AFTCO’s Women’s Original Fishing Shorts Garmin® and Fushion® Expand Apollo Series We Want to Know...What’s in Your Freezer?! Engel Coolers’ 30oz Stainless Steel Performance Mug Is the Garmin® Xero LEGAL in Your State? SPRO’s King Daddy Frog Gets New Color Sawyer’s Permethrin is Your Dog’s Best Friend Fain & Kendrick Win 2020 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops ATTENTION



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June is upon us and we’re off and running or boating I should say as fishing tournaments have kicked back off nationwide to include our efforts with Redfish Tour, Texas Team Trail, and Collegiate Bass series all back on the water in the past few weeks. We’ve seen all sorts of scenarios come into play with social distancing during an event on Sam Rayburn that had us operating an event in a drive-through format for the first time ever. Then in Alabama, it was a bit of a scaled down BoatUS Collegiate Championship this year however we still celebrated 15 years of college fishing with one of the strongest fields to date as 24 of the top 25 ranked schools competed on Pickwick and Wilson lakes and we had 80 schools show up to fish. WOW! It’s always a humbling experience to see all those college anglers in one spot. Not to be forgotten is all the work we do in late May and June in preparation for deer season. Fawns are dropping all over, we’re filling feeders, moving stands and making plans as well there for those hunts that will be here soon. In fact, we’ve been getting a lot of new product that will be released shortly for hunting season and some of it...well you’ll just have to stay tuned to see it in action and read about it. As you flip the pages of this edition you’ll see new boat projects, updates on fishing lures, new product launches from several companies, and some awesome look backs at various events! I hope you enjoy it and thanks for being a part of everything we do whether as a partner in our projects or just a fan of our work. We appreciate you all.






Wade Middleton President - CarecoTV


With the new Perspective Mode mount, the LiveScope LVS32 transducer can be easily adjusted to fit any angler’s fishing techniques and preferences (no tools required) and the chartplotter will automatically detect what mode is being used. All you have to do is simply turn the transducer sideways to enable the new ‘top down’ perspective mode to see a wide view of what’s in front of the boat up to 50 feet away. You can point the transducer forward to see around the boat and point it down to see directly below the boat.

Garmin recently announced a new Perspective Modefeatureandtransducerpositioningaccessory for its award-winning Panoptix LiveScope™ sonar. As the first real-time scanning sonar for recreational fishing, LiveScope has transformed the way anglers fish by delivering live images of structure, bait and fish swimming around and below the boat, even while stationary. Now, in addition to the existing LiveScope Forward and Down Modes, anglers can use the new Perspective Mode for unprecedented overhead visibility that’s perfect for shallow water. “Gone are the days of casting blindly under docks and along shorelines for schools or beds of fish thanks to the new LiveScope Perspective Mode,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “LiveScope combines two game- changing innovations – scanning sonar and live sonar – to deliver the best of both technologies. Anglers can now see and easily interpret incredibly detailed, real-time images of what’s around and below their boat from three unique vantage points, all with one easy-to-use mount.”

Transducer (pictured above) turned sideways on trolling motor to enable new “top down” perspective mode.

All threemodes provide incredibly sharp, real-time scanning sonar images of fish swimming andmoving toward or away from the boat, and below the surface with remarkable target separation and clarity. LiveScope is also equipped with an attitude heading reference system (AHRS) that constantly adjusts sonar beams to compensate for boat motion. So even in rough conditions, anglers will still see a steady sonar image. Coupled with a Panoptix LiveScope System, the Perspective Mode mount accessory is required for anglers whowant to take advantage of the PerspectiveMode technology. The LiveScope System includes a compact GLS 10 sonar black box with an LVS32 transducer, and a simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for easy installation and integration with a compatible Garmin chartplotter. SHOP NOW

Panoptix LiveScope™ System

Panoptix LiveScope™ Perspective Mode Mount

“This is going to be an exciting project rigging out this awesome new boat model which we’ll use in all sorts of situations from crappie, catfishing, red fishing, duck hunting and more. Be sure and stay tuned to see it all unfold.” -WADE MIDDLETON

DOMINATE INSHORE AND NEARSHORE WITH THE ALL NEW RANGER ALUMINUM RB200 The all-new RB200 packs more muscle in a bigger hull for greater performance, stability and capability to take you further than ever. The pad-bottom hull is designed for a dry ride that planes in a hurry, even in the shallows. The all- welded hull delivers strength in chop while precision steering and throttle control give you the ultimate in command. The wide, stable front casting deck delivers huge room for multiple anglers, and the interior is perfectly tailored for taking on inshore fisheries or a bass tournament with dual livewells and rod boxes, a huge in-deck storage and storage under the rear jump seats. At the helm, electronics up to 9” may be flush mounted and membrane-style switching delivers convenient simplicity. The ruggedized Ranger Trail ® trailer is constructed with all-welded aluminum for the utmost in corrosion-resistant strength. Diamond plate fenders offer a step up and protection from road debris. A new camo version is more than just a paint scheme, this special rig features blacked-out badging, matte black closures and console railing, along with an all-black steering wheel for maximum concealment. No matter where your quarry swims, the enhanced capability of the all-new RB200 is designed to Dominate Inshore and Nearshore.


• All-new pad-bottom hull delivers ultimate crossover utility and performance • 150HP rating • Dry, shallow-drafting hull • Fold-down rear seats with storage below • Rugged, skid-resistant Rawhide™ interior coating • Aluminum-framed dual-axle Ranger Trail ® trailer





BOATING TO THE RESCUE! An article from our friends at Yamaha Marine

gone through and even if parents reassure them, they’re probably fearful right now. Fortunately, boating offers one of the best ways a family can responsibly have fun together outside the home and at the same time demonstrate to the young ones the sky isn’t falling. And when this pandemic finally abates, time spent on the water will likely be the best memories from these scary times. Is It Okay to Go Boating with My Family? If your family is living as a unit under one roof, boating together poses little additional risk to contracting the COVID-19 virus providing you keep your distance from other boaters, which is easy since your vessel acts as a fiberglass or aluminum buffer. In normal times, inviting friends and extended family members to join you is automatic but for the time being, it’s better to go boating only as a family. In fact, in many areas, recreational boating is still restricted to 10 or fewer people to a boat and, in some places, it’s limited to those who live together. A great resource to find out if your area has any restrictions can be found at

It’s Times Like These That Highlight the Benefits of Boating. What a difference a few months makes. In mid- March, many of the nation’s outdoor recreational activities were shut down due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus. Authorities in many hard-hit states like Washington, Michigan, New York and Maryland were taking no chances and prohibited most recreational boating within their borders. Now that we’re edging into summer, boating in all 50 states has opened up again. And if ever we needed boating in our lives, now’s the time. For the last few months, most of us have followed the recommendations and orders to stay at home — isolated from others whenever possible. But a family can only do so many jigsaw puzzles or binge watch TV for so long before the onset of cabin fever. Constantly watching the news and surfing the web to see what’s going on in the world can also take a toll on a family’s well being. For young kids, this is likely the first crisis they’ve ever

Can I Go Fishing with My Buddy? This is trickier because we are being urged to minimizecontactwith thoseoutsideour immediate families and in some places it isn’t allowed yet. But by taking a few precautions there are ways to reduce the threat of exposure while still being able to spend the day fishing with your best friend. This is one of the few times it’s better not to carpool. Instead of riding together in an enclosed vehicle, consider taking separate rides and meeting at the ramp or marina while practicing social distancing regulations. If you want to take advantage of the cheap gas and fill up on the way, pay at the pump and use a disposable towel or glove to handle the pump and also use it as a barrier while punching in security codes. At the ramp, make sure you have everything ready and wait until the previous boaters have cleared the dock before launching. Fortunately, bass boats, center consoles, walleye- style boats and some pontoons have fishing areas at the bow and stern, which helps you practice social distancing. The current recommendation is for people to stay six feet apart and most fishing rods are at least this length, so if your fishing buddy intrudes into your personal space, you can use your fishing rod like a fencing épée to good- naturedly remind them to back off. If one of you makes a great catch, celebrate with an “air” high- five.

the National Marine Manufacturing Association’s website, which has information on all 50 states and is being frequently updated here. The coronavirus is taking an especially heavy toll among those older than 65 so for the time being it’s probably wise to just take lots of photos and videos for the grandparents so they can share the experience and stay connected while keeping them safe. Hopefully, it won’t be long until they can join the fun.

Although many businesses are opening up with social distancing restrictions and other precautions, in some situations it’s hard to avoid close contact with others. Boating offers a safer alternative to getting out of the house. It also has many other benefits that can further enrich the lives of your family. For the last few months, kids have been taught via homeschooling and a boat makes an ideal alfresco classroom. Many adults are still working from home and there’s no reason that can’t happen on a boat while the kids have fun swimming, which gives you bonus togetherness time. Being on the water also creates an opportunity for hands-on learning about ecology and the environment. Also, it’s the perfect chance to teach your kids all about boat handling. And fishing is always a fun family activity. Now that we are moving into summer and the water is heating up, this will be a great opportunity to have fun doing watersports. Face it, after months of being cooped up in the house we can all probably use the exercise.

Just Say No to Raft-ups and Sandbars… For a While. During the Memorial Day holiday weekend, there were scenes of boats clustered together that received negative press and presented a bad look. Boaters are naturally gregarious people but for the time being, give others a wide berth. There are plenty of alternative places to hang out with the key off. Instead of meeting at the sandbar, find a secluded cove or pull up to a deserted beach and enjoy the solitude. Even popular boating spots like Lake Powell and Lake of the Ozarks have plenty of space to spread out and practice social distancing. It’s really important to keep the pressure on to keep the curveflattened sowe can return toactivities like coving sooner. If areas where boaters congregate see a spike in COVID-19 cases, we run the risk of restrictions returning. Boating offers a unique opportunity for families. Instead of everyone retreating to their personal space or becoming hypnotized while staring at a screen, make the most of this time by turning it into a fun way to grow stronger together.





TenPoint’s fastest and forward-draw crossbow ever, the Vengent S440 delivers lightning speeds up to 440 FPS and features the NEW revolutionary ACUslide cocking and de-cocking system. The ultra-fast crossbow is also our narrowest ever, measuring an incredible 5.8-inches wide, and weighs a half-pound less than previous TenPoint flagship models. “We have always committed ourselves to building the best crossbows on the market and, while de- cocking is not a new concept to the crossbow market, the silent ACUslide is the first safe option to de- cock a crossbow with a crank,” said Rick Bednar, TenPoint CEO.

TenPoint’s Vengent S440 measures just 5.8” axle-to-axle

The NEW ACUslide features the company’s groundbreaking Auto-Brake Gear System, which allows for silent cocking and safe and controlled de-cocking of the crossbow. The Auto-Brake Gear System eliminates the potential of losing control which can lead to injury or costly bow damage during the de- cocking process. While de-cocking with the ACUslide, the user can remove their hand from the handle at any point, with no other action required – and the handle will stop in place. The NEW 7.5 -inch XTEND Adjustable Crank Handle reduces the cocking effort to 5-pounds and stores securely into the butt-stock. The ACUslide system is integrated into the company’s NEW TEC-X stock. The high strength-to-weight ratio of the NEW stock reduces the weight of the Vengent S440, including the cocking mechanism, to 7.7-pounds – a half-pound lighter than previous TenPoint flagship models. Fueled by RX6-Cams™, the forward-draw bow assembly is the difference-maker for TenPoint’s fastest and narrowest forward draw crossbow. The innovative cam system rotates 360-degrees which powers the DUAL FLEX™ limbs to produce speeds up to an incredible 440 feet-per-second. The assembly’s revolutionary Vector-Quad™ cable technology utilizes four cables instead of the traditional two which eliminates cam lean and generates straight-nock travel leading to same-hole downrange accuracy.

TenPoint’s Vengent S440 Crossbow comes in Veil Alpine camo (pictured above) or Solid Graphite.

A lightweight CNCmachined 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum riser featuring the company’s TRI-LOCK™ pocket system ensures perfect alignment between the pocket and limbs for further increased accuracy. The bow assembly is mounted to a NEW 20-inch -MICRO-TRAC™ fluted aluminum barrel which reduces the flight deck surface by an incredible 50%. The minimal string-to-barrel contact provides the longest string life in the industry. The new barrel is fitted with the company’s NEW S1 3.5-pound, two-stage trigger that delivers a crisp, consistent break. The trigger is equipped with a DFI™ (Dry-Fire-Inhibitor) and is fitted with a nylon- filament arrow retention brush that improves arrow grip and alignment to reduce noise and vibration. An integrated string stop system is also included to further reduce noise and vibration. Fully assembled, the crossbow weighs just 7.7-pounds, measures 35-inches (w/o stirrup) in length and shoots up to a supercharged 440 feet-per-second. Decorated in Veil® Alpine camo or Graphite Gray, the Vengent S440 ships completely assembled and includes an extensive Ready-To-Hunt package. READY-TO-HUNT PACKAGE (CLICK EACH ITEM TO LEARN MORE)

We design, build, and test our crossbows here in the U.S.A. Doing so enables us to control the process and to use the best parts and materials available, thereby guaranteeing a final product of uncompromising quality. Our rigorous testing standards have earned us a reputation for making some of the most durable and dependable products on the market. We validate all of our designs through a prototyping process that combines hands-on testing with automated cycle testing. Our automated shooting simulator allows us to put thousands of shots on our bow assembly designs in a matter of days — so when the final product arrives on the shelves, it will meet your expectations.


LESSON 1: 2020 YXZ1000R SS XT-R Edition This XT‑R Edition is ready for extreme adventure with a factory installed Warn Winch, Special Edition paint, color matched wheels, and aggressive Yamaha‑exclusive Maxxis Carnage tires. Click the PLAY Button to get started! LESSON 2: 2020 Wolverine X2 and X4 XT-R The Wolverine X2 and X4 XT‑R Editions are ready for extreme adventure with a factory installed Warn Winch, Special Edition paint, color matched wheels, and aggressive GBC Dirt Commander tires. Click the PLAY Button to get started! LESSON 3: 2020 Grizzly XT-R Edition The Grizzly® EPS XT-R™ brings even more riding excitement thanks to its potent 700-class engine, high-quality chassis running beefy 27-inch tires, roomy ergonomics, advanced electronics, and stylish XT-R edition painted bodywork. Click the PLAY Button to get started! LESSON 4: Winch Mount By WARN If your day-to-day use demands the pulling power and performance of the Yamaha ProVantage3500 or Vantage 3000Winch byWARN®, look no further. Click the PLAY Button to get started!


Garmin announced the quatix 6X Solar, the latest addition to its new marine GPS smartwatch series that features a transparent solar charging display that uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life. As the first Garmin marine-centric GPS smartwatch to offer solar charging, the quatix 6X Solar combines all of the best features of Garmin’s fenix® 6X Pro Solar with specialized boating, fishing, cruising and sailing capabilities so users can enjoy more time on the water. With built-in activity profiles and performance metrics for paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, skiing and golf just to name a few, the quatix 6X Solar is ready to go the distance for nearly every sport and adventure. “We’re excited to introduce solar charging into the new quatix6 series, giving users everything they’ve come to know and love from this sophisticated and connected marine smartwatch series, now with even longer battery life performance,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Because of its unique power-replenishing technology, the quatix 6X Solar gives mariners more on-wrist time to enjoy their favorite activities both on the water and on land.” Built to withstand the elements, the quatix 6X Solar features a large 1.4” sunlight-readable display designed with a transparent Power Glass™ solar charging lens that uses the sun’s energy to extend battery life. Users can quickly check the latest solar input right on their wrist for a real-time indication of how much solar energy the Power Glass has been exposed to. The battery performance on the quatix 6X Solar is up to 21 days in smartwatch mode, and up to 24 days with solar charging. And thanks to the The adventure awaits - on water and land.

new customizable Power Manager, users can also see and control how various settings and sensors impact battery life, and even adjust their battery saving modes to extend battery life on the fly. Designed for life on the water, the quatix 6X Solar is water rated to 100 meters and offers comprehensive connectivity with compatible Garmin chartplotters and other marine electronics for autopilot control, data streaming, SailAssist™ race assistance, Fusion-Link™ entertainment control and more. Thanks to its full marine-centric toolset, the quatix 6X Solar acts as a wearable instrument that, when paired with onboard Garmin electronics, can stream NMEA® 2000 boat data to give users access to important sensor information like speed, depth, temperature, wind data and more – right from their wrist, no matter where they are on the boat. Like other quatix 6 models, when paired with an onboard autopilot, it can also be used to control the autopilot to change heading, engage pattern steering,and follow a GPS route. With support for optional BlueChart® g3 coastal charts and LakeVü inland maps with integrated Navionics® data, the quatix 6X Solar can be utilized as both a dedicated or back-up navigation tool. With daily activity tracking and a host of connectivity features, the quatix 6X Solar doubles as a stylish smartwatch that can be worn 24/7. Users can stay connected by receiving alerts on their wrist for incoming calls, texts, emails and more by enabling smart notifications. And thanks to the Garmin Pay™ contactless payment solution, it’s easy to make purchases quickly on the go with nothing needed but the watch. The quatix 6X Solar

also features on-device music storage of up to 2,000 songs, so users can sync playlists from several of the most popular music services to their watch for phone-free listening. The quatix 6X Solar also features wrist-based heart rate for all-day stress tracking, underwater wrist- based heart rate for swimming and Pulse Ox8 blood oxygen saturation to support advanced sleeping monitoring and acclamation. Plus, the innovative Body Battery™ energy monitoring feature lets users see their body’s energy levels at any given moment, which can help with scheduling workouts, rest times and sleep. The quatix6X Solar includes a titanium watch band as well as a cirrus blue silicone QuickFit™ band, and it’s available now for a suggested retail price of $1,149.99. Compatible marine products include: GPSMAP® 7×2/9×2/12×2 Plus, GPSMAP 10×2/12×2, GPSMAP 74/7600, GPSMAP 84/8600, GHC™ 20, GNX™ Wind and the GNT 10.

Not just for water. quatix 6X Solar is preloaded with apps for workouts, contactless payments and more.

Take control of your boat right from your wrist.

With its rugged design, this co-captain is made for all conditions.

The magic of connectivity is staying in touch no matter where you are.

Take the helm, and leave the cord at home. Solar charging lets you get up to 24 days of battery life.

Off the grid, but always know where you are with coastal charts and inland maps.

WX Contour (prescription ready)


Click the PLAY Button to watch our episode on handgun hunting that features Wade’s Fallow Hunt!

EXOTICHANDGUNHUNTING Hunting Fallow Deer with the Performance Center Model 629 Stealth Hunter

In one of our most recent episodes, Wade went out on a Fallow hunt with the Performance Center Model 629 Stealth Hunter. Wade outfitted his Model 629 with a Trijicon SRO red dot to get a great field of view and have the ability to pick up a target fast. This model is a great handgun for a lot of hunters. “A lot of people have lever actions in the 44 mag, people have the shorter barrel 44’s and I like this Stealth Hunter model by the Performance Center. It’s well balanced. The recoil is basically negligible. The trigger’s very crisp. So in this scenario here, after practicing a lot on the range, really dialing it in, it’s just about now not making a mistake when it comes time to pull the trigger. The Performance Center 629 Stealth Hunter delivers a powerful punch. Every single product from the Performance Center is the ultimate expression of old world craftsmanship blended with modern technology and the 629 Stealth Hunter is no exception to the rule. From hand cutting and fitting, to fine tuning for precision, Performance Center firearms are top performers and are guaranteed to deliver the best performance for your hunting needs.

“Back in about 1989, Smith and Wesson brought in a group of guys to make high end custom guns, and it was really at that point geared towards competition shooting. Since then we’ve opened a broader range of products to include hunting protection. You’re looking at a standard product and you pick a Performance Center gun up right next to it, right away you notice it looks a lot different. Not only that, but you start pulling the trigger and you say, “there’s a whole lot difference here.” -Tony Miele Performance Center GM Here at Americana Outdoors we get a lot of questions on handgun hunting on our social media pages, emails, we talk about it at trade shows, etc. Our view is that every way is a great way to hunt a whitetail, but it’s hunting with a handgun is another way to hunt whitetails and gives you a reason to go hunting and master a different technique. Handgun hunting even challenges experienced hunters with a new set of skills to master. From understanding the calibers, to themotion of raising the handgun, practicing slower trigger pulls, and all the different choices you can aim with, handgun hunting for whitetail deer is another addiction. If you like to hunt whitetail, it’s definitely something I’d highly encourage you to do because you’re going to love it and you’ll have another reason to go buy a new firearm!

Click the logo to check out the entire lineup of Performance Center firearms

Whether you’ve added something new onto your firearm, or you’re preparing for a hunt - be sure to spend some time on the range to make sure you’re all dialed in!

Stealth Cam® has just released new wireless plans for 2020. Configured to work with the all new Fusion series cameras, the new plans offer Stealth Cam wireless users a broader range of monthly and annual data options with more photos and lower prices. More hunters are turning to wireless camera systems to improve their hunt planning and wildlife monitoring without disturbing their hunting area to change cards. Stealth Cam has committed to taking the lead in wireless plans designed specifically for seasonal and year-round camera operations. Multiple monthly and annual plans providing for more image transfers and significantly lower prices allows users to select the optimal wireless plan for their needs without straining the budget. STEALTH CAM ® A N N O U N C E S INDUSTRY-LEADING WIRELESS PLANS

More hunters are turning to wireless camera systems to improve their hunt planning and wildlife monitoring without disturbing their hunting area to change cards. Stealth Cam® has committed to taking the lead in wireless plans designed specifically for seasonal and year-round camera operations. Multiple monthly and annual plans providing for more image transfers and significantly lower prices allows users to select the optimal wireless plan for their needs without straining the budget. Each new Fusion camera purchase comes with a free 30-day trial with unlimited images. Stealth Cam® offers $5, $10, $20, and $50 (multi-camera) month to month plans. Furthermore, the cost-efficient annual plans—starting as low as $4 with 650 images per month—are ideally suited for hunters who desire year-round monitoring of game activity and property monitoring. All plans include one year of FREE cloud storage. Additionally, Stealth Cam® is offering the optional Elite Hunter image management option, a $5/month per camera add-on to monthly or annual plans. The Elite Hunter includes 2 years of cloud storage, animal detection filing (identifies game species for quicker review and sorting), and security tracking.


ANNUAL PLANS (pre-paid 12months)

• Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan implementation after 30 days)

• Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan after 30 days).

• $5 – 650 images

• $4 – 650 images/month ($48 / Year)

• $10 – 2000 images

• $8 – 2000 images/month ($96 / Year)

• $20 – Unlimited

• $15 – Unlimited /month ($180 / Year)

• $50 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36000 images (3 cameras included – add additional cameras for $5 each)

• $40 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36000 images/month ($480 / Year – 3 cameras included – additional cameras for $5 each)

• Elite Hunter Management (Future edition)

• $5 optional add-on to monthly or annual plans (per camera)

• Animal detection & filing

• Security tracking

• Two years of dedicated cloud storage

Don’t forget to power your camera with Stealth Cam’s ® new SOL-PAK SOLAR BATTERY PACK!

(Designed as a sustainable solution for all trail cameras especially wireless/cellular trail cameras)

The tried and true Original Fishing Short that AFTCO is known for is now available for Women! The lady angler can now enjoy AFTCO’s best selling Original Fishing Shorts designed specifically for women on the water. The AFTCO Women’s Original Fishing Shorts feature a 3” inseam, unbelievable comfort with a hidden stretch elastic waistband and a zippered fly. Equipped with 5 functional pockets, including a pliers pocket, these shorts have double lined seat and bar tacks at all major stress points that will make these one of the most durable shorts in your wardrobe. Along with AFGUARD stain release put the original fishing shorts to test and experience the best fishing shorts to ever be made. SHOP NOW WOMEN’S ORIGINAL FISHING SHORTS


APOLLO WB670 HIDEAWAY SYSTEM A powerful extension of the Apollo Series, the WB670 inherits the key audio innovations and technological brilliance from the Apollo RA670, but in a compact, space-saving form factor that can be hidden away behind the dash or mounted in a variety of locations like storage lockers, inside of the helm console or a glovebox compartment, and controlled through a compatible multi-function display (MFD) via NMEA 2000 or Ethernet.

Garmin announced it has expanded its Fusion- branded Apollo™ Series with the introduction of the Apollo WB670 premium hideaway system and the Apollo ERX400 wired remote. Building on the innovation and success of the award-winning Apollo Series, the WB670 premium hideaway solution eliminates the need for a stereo to be present on the dash, while the ERX400 offers users complete audio entertainment control with an all-new intuitive user experience, and an ultra- compact design that canbemounted in convenient places around the boat. “We know dash space is valuable real estate on a boat, that’s why we’re pleased to add the WB670 hideaway system and the ERX400 wired remote to our Apollo Series, giving customersmore flexibility for the stereo locationwithout compromising audio quality,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Controlling your onboard audio entertainment has never been so easy or looked this good.”

Like all Apollo Series stereos, the WB670 includes Fusion’s Digital Signal Processing Technology (DSP) that enables the optimization of Fusion speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers in each audio zone on the boat. With just a few clicks via the free Fusion-Link™ app, boat owners can set up the preconfigured DSP profile to play high-quality audio customized to their ears and their specific environment. The WB670 also features Fusion’s signature PartyBus™-Network capabilities that gives boaters the freedom of musical choice across the entire boat, especially when there are multiple PartyBus- enabled stereo options onboard. For advanced control, new PartyBus-Network functions like Stereo Grouping, Volume Control, Power Options and Home Zone have been added for seamless navigation of the boat’s entire audio network. When connected to a wireless network router or Wi-Fi-enabled Apollo Series stereo network or Garmin MFD, users can also enjoy high-quality audio streaming with Apple AirPlay® 2 from their compatible Apple device. APOLLO ERX400 WIRED REMOTE Featuring Fusion’s most intuitive user experience yet, the ERX400 wired remote with ethernet connectivity allows users to add full control of their audio entertainment to any zone on board and across multiple Apollo Series stereos. It has a 2.7” brilliant, optically bonded, full-color LCD display

with an ultra-compact modern form factor that can either be mounted with a conventional flush finish, or integrated into the helm with a premium flat finish. Installation is quick and easy for the ERX400, and with a shallow mounting depth of just 49mm, it’s ideal for thin wall cavities where mounting depth is limited. The new user experience on the ERX400 allows for easy navigation and control of the entire vessel’s Apollo Series stereo network, making audio and source control in any zone a seamless experience. Users can enjoy synchronized audio playback of one audio source across all Apollo Series stereos connected to the same network, with individual and multiple volume control for each stereo. The ERX400 can also be used to turn on or off any Apollo Series stereo or remote connected on the network. Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, the ERX400 meets international IPX6 and IPX7 weather resistance ratings from the front and back. It’s compatible with the full Apollo Series, including the new WB670, and the RA770, RA670 and SRX400 stereos. For added convenience, both the WB670 and ERX400 can receive over-the-air software updates via the Fusion-Link app when connected to a Wi-Fi-enabled Apollo Series stereo network, or other wireless network router like a Garmin MFD. Engineered to Fusion’s True-Marine™ standard and

backed by Fusion’s three-year consumer warranty, the ApolloWB670 and ERX400 have passed stringent pressure and water-tightness tests, and are designed to deliver crisp sound and quality entertainment season after season. The new Apollo WB670 hideaway system is available now for $449.99, and the ERX400 wired remote, also available now, retails for $229.99. For more information about the Apollo series and the full range of Fusion audio and entertainment products, visit


The summer months are a great time to have a stocked freezer! Grilling season is upon us and having venison and turkey still left to be desired and eaten, will always put a smile on your face when you open that freezer door and feel that cold air on your face. If fishing is more your style than Spring and Summer are great opportunities to go catch yourself a string of crappie, walleye, white bass, or whatever your stomach craves. We love frying up some crappie poolside with this tasty recipe that we have shared below. So here’s to summer! ANGEL’S LOUISIANA FRIED CRAPPIE 1. Soak fish fillets in hot sauce of choice overnight 2. Heat peanut oil to 425 degrees fahrenheit 3. Roll indivudual fillets into fish fry mix (we use Louisiana Fish Fry Mix) 4. Place fillets into peanut oil 5. Cook fillets in oil for about 5-7 minutes 6. Remove fried fillets from oil onto a paper towel laced pan to soak oil. 7. Sprinkle pepper on fried fillets 8. Squeeze lemon juice from fresh lemons on fried fillets 9. Serve with other fried foods such as hushpuppies, onion rings or french fries. 10. YUM! Show us #WhatsinYourFreezer by tagging Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s and Americana Outdoors in your social media posts! We would love to see what you have cooking this summer!

Engel’s 30 oz , stainless steel, vacuum-insulated performance mugs are built to keep your cool in the harshest conditions. Taking advantage of the latest vacuum technology, these cups perform better than any competitor on the market. Whether you’re bringing a hot or cold drink along for the ride, the Engel “Ketch-It” lid will ensure you enjoy your drink, not wear it. The liquid-tight seal keeps your drinks in the cup when the boat bounces, the truck swerves… or you just happen to execute a perfect-form elbow-sweep and take that cup from vertical to horizontal in the blink of an eye. AND…that you can shake up that drink that requires… a little shakin’… Just like our award-winning coolers, we’ve thought of the details that matter. This cup will be your best friend for all of life’s thirst- quenching moments.



Ever since the Garmin Xero bow sight came into the hunting world a lot of people had the same question, “Is this sight legal for me to hunt with?” To help figure out what states you can and cannot hunt in with the Garmin Xero, here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the legal use of the Xero A1 and A1i bow sight.

Does the Garmin Xero® Bow Sight project visible light on the target during use?

No, the Xero Bow Sight projects only infrared (non-visible to the human eye) light onto the target as part of its laser range finding function.

Can the Garmin Xero® Bow Sight ever be used to project visible light towards a target? No.

No, the Xero Bow Sight cannot illuminate the target. Only the aiming pins are illuminated. The infrared light used by the Xero is only used to range the target. It does not illuminate the target. Is the Garmin Xero® Bow Sight a “Laser Sight” or “Red Dot Sight”? Those terms are typically used for sights that emit a human eye visible beam of red light to the target. The Xero Bows Sight’s laser range finding functionality only emits invisible, infrared light. The pins, which are visible to the hunter, are only projected towards the hunter’s eye.

Does the Garmin Xero® Bow Sight use illuminated pins? Yes. The Xero Bow Sight uses light emitting diodes to present the pin for the shot onto a piece of angled glass. Light from this diode is then reflected back towards the eye of the archer. Does the Garmin Xero® Bow Sight provide a magnified view of the target? No. Is the Garmin Xero® Bow Sight similar to a scope? No. Scopes provide magnification. The Xero Bow Sight does not. The glass used in the sight is for the reflection of pins to the eye only. There is no magnification provided.

No visible light is illuminated from the sight to the target.

Is the Garmin Xero® Bow Sight legal for a certain state? The Xero A1 & A1i bow sights are legal to use in the majority of the United States. It is the responsibility of the hunter to know the specific bowhunting regulations for their state and hunting region. Garmin does not publish the bowhunting regulations for each state as they vary and can change from year to year. We hope this article has answered your questions in regards to the legality of the Garmin Xero Bow Sight. ALWAYS review your desired state’s bowhunting regulations to confirm if the Xero A1 or A1i are legal to use.

You would see a non-magnified view with an LED pin when aiming with the Garmin Xero.

Happy Hunting!

Does the Xero® Bow Sight enhance vision to the target in dim or night conditions?

The Garmin Xero cannot stop “Buck Fever”! Click the PLAY button to learn more.

Yamaha is proud to announce an unprecedented 10-year-belt warranty covering all Assembled in the USA 2020 and 2019 models with the exclusive Ultramatic Automatic Transmission, including the all-new Wolverine X2 and X4, Viking, Kodiak and full-size Grizzly models. The promise to produce Proven Off- Road ATVs and Side-by-Side vehicles provides our customers with the capability, comfort and confidence to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Whether it be for work or play, Yamaha owners can have faith that their vehicle will not only get them where they want to go, but also get them back. With the new 10-year belt warranty, Yamaha solidifies its well-earned reputation for superior durability and reliability, and further sets itself apart from the competition. Please confirm we have the necessary registration information needed for your warranty. See Terms and Conditions for complete details.



The Bronzeye Frog 90 is the King Daddy of all frog baits. The oversized profile and unmatched action of the larger-than-life frog attract the biggest predators as it chugs and sputters its way through the thickest mats without hanging up or snagging. And now, SPRO has added four of the most popular colors to the King Daddy line to answer angler demand. “The King Daddy is the biggest frog on the market,” said SPRO Pro and lure designer Dean Rojas. “If you want explosive topwater action with the biggest bass or muskies, you need to fish a King Daddy.” B.A.S.S. Elite Series Angler Dean Rojas and SPRO developed the frog for bass anglers across the country 15 years ago. Since that time, Rojas and SPRO played with the winning formula to create different baits to excel in specific conditions. The Bronzeye Frog 90 King Daddy was built 30 percent bigger than the original to give multi-species anglers the profile to entice the largest predators out of hiding. The heavy-duty Gamakatsu double hook ensures that strikes turn into hookups, with the backbone needed to horse fish through the densest weeds using the beefiest rods and strongest braids.

“We’ve added four of the most popular colors from our other frogs to the King Daddy line. Anglers wanted our proven Navy Seal, Yellow Sparkle, Outback and Albino colors in a larger size to target bigger fish,” said Rojas. “Albino is one of my favorites because it allows me to easily customize the bait tomatch forage species or light conditions with just a paint marker.” The one-ounce King Daddy delivers extra casting distance so you can hit the pads in the back where no boat can go. Reach untouched pockets where lunkers liewith theweedless performance towiggle through the thickest cover without snagging. The walking action also excels in open water, drawing fish fromsubmerged cover for adrenaline-inducing surface blow-ups. For big fish in thick mats, sparse weeds, or open water, you can’t beat the splashing, gurgling action of the King Daddy. Now available in four additional fish-catching colors: Navy Seal, Yellow Sparkle, Outback, and Albino. Check them out by clicking here.


Sawyer Permethrin Insect Repellent can be applied to dogs and help control mosquitoes and fleas for 35 days and ticks for 6 weeks.

6 weeks

Permethrin repels and kills mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, mites, and over 55 other kinds of insects.


To control fleas, ticks (including Ticks which can carry Lyme disease, Powassan, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever) and lice: • Start spraying at the tail, moving the dispenser rapidly and making sure that the animals entire body is covered, including the legs and underbody. • While spraying, fluff the hair so that the spray will penetrate to the skin. • Make sure spray wets thoroughly, but do not saturate animal. • Do not spray into eyes and face. • Avoid contact with genitalia. • Wear rubber gloves or mitts when applying this product. • Do not use on puppies under twelve weeks. • Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, medicated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals. • Do not use on cats or kittens. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately. For product questions and emergency information call 800-940-4464

THE “SECRET” TO FISHING A SWIM JIG When Secret Lures set out to produce the ultimate swim jig, they realized different styles are best suited for different parts of the country. Taking that into account Secret Lures scrapped the one jig theory that most companies use and created three versions to fit fishing needs based on what an angler might need. They started with the North version which is a 1/4 oz with a 5/0 medium gauge Mustad hook and built a swim jig that was perfect for long casts and light line associated with clearer waters. Then Secret Lures began work on the the South version which based on testing ended up being a 3/8 oz model with a 4/0 heavy gauge Mustad hook; best suited for grassy, brushy and stained fisheries. Then to round out the lineup they created the HD version which is a heavy duty model weighing in at a 1/2 oz featuring a 5/0 saltwater hook; explicitly built for braided lines and pulling heavy bass out of heavy cover, no matter the location north or south. Built into every model are heads featuring lifelike 3D eyes, flared gills, and a recessed line tie, making for a sleek profile to help the bait through all types of coer. The balance and gliding action have been perfected each setup, and the skirt can be customized to the application and fishery. SwimJig Fishing Tips From Wade: I use between 16 and 20 Pound Sunline Sniper when fishing a swim jig matched with either a 6 foot 9 to 7 foot fishing rod and a high speed reel. My personal favorite combo for both accuracy and speed is a Johnny Morris Platinum Series 6 foot 9 Medium-Heavy rod and a Platinum Series reel in 8.3:1

MVP NORTH SWIM JIG Color: black and blue

MVP SOUTH SWIM JIG Color: Candy Craw

MVP NORTH SWIM JIG Color: Chartreuse Shad

Click the PLAY Button to watch our Secret Lures Sim Jig Overview!

Click the PLAY Button to see the Secret Lures Swim Jig in Action!

Fain & Kendrick From Bryan College Win 2020 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops

The final day of the 2020 BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops provided tons of suspense for the collegiate bass fishing community. A tight leaderboard left an open door for plenty of teams to jump up from back in the pack and take a swipe at the lead. Though several teams tried, no-one could overtake the Day 1 leaders. Bailey Fain and Preston Kendrick (above) weighed in over 16 pounds of bass on the last day of competition to edge out second place by more than a pound and claim the title of National Champions. “I just got to thank the good Lord. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have done nothing,” said Fain.

“Practice was terrible, and I don’t know what to say.” Bryan College angler Bailey Fain stood at the mic on the weigh-in stage seemingly speechless after being crowned a National Champion. This title is something that these anglers worked all their life for, and to win on a grand stage is quite the accomplishment to be proud of. The team’s journey to a National Championship began with an inauspicious start. Following a poor practice, their goal was just to cut a check. But on Day 1 their fate changed in a flash. “The first day, we started off and we found one or two chasing on a spot,” added Fain. Fishing right near take off, they noticed fish chasing shad and quickly loaded

the boat with 19 pounds of bass on Day 1. On Day 2, they started on that same spot, and sealed the victory in the first hour of competition. “Today we went there, and in probably 30 minutes we had a majority of our weight,” Fain concluded. Working swimbaits and topwaters to schooling fish, the ACA camera crews caught all of the action as Fain & Kendrick seized every opportunity that was presented to them in a hurry. “Both days we caught all of our weight first thing in the morning. It happened so fast, we didn’t know what to think,” noted Kendrick. “We didn’t know we had as much as we had either day.” Come to find out, they had the winning weight. To the tune of 35.99 pounds, Bailey Fain & Preston Kendrick are bringing home a national title the BoatUS Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship presented by Bass Pro Shops to Bryan College.

their mid-morning spot, and run to one of the fresh schools of fish they had found during practice. “At 11 o’clock today I almost put the trolling motor up and took off…. We caught all these fish at 12 o’clock,” explained Dunagan. The decision to stay paid off to the tune of a couple thousand dollars and a second place finish in the biggest event in collegiate bass fishing.

One team that jumped up from back in the pack to challenge the Day 1 leaders were the Campbellsville University duo of Dalton Smith and Bradley Dunagan. They were in 26th place after the first day of competition with 14.42 pounds. The team from Kentucky managed to trigger one of those notorious schools of Pickwick Lake bass and weighed in over 20 pounds to slide up into second place overall. “It’s the first of June on Pickwick, we knew how it was going to be won,” said Smith. They knew it was going to be won deep. Dunagan and Smith located some key ‘secret spots’ out deep and had confidence in their pattern. So much confidence that they wanted to abandon

Rounding out the Top 3 were Martin McCravy and Triston Crowder from the University of North Alabama. The hometown team jumped all the way up from 50th place to third by weighing in 21.03 pounds of bass on Day 2. Early on today, we projected that a scenario like this could potentially play out. A change in weather conditions and a jam packed leaderboard lended itself to a huge potential shakeup. McCravy and Crowder used their local knowledge of Pickwick Lake to make that leap into the Top 3 on the final day.

Click here to view the final results.

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