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Garmin Panoptix Livescope™ Wins “Best of Show” What’s the “Buzz” about Big Bite Baits The Hobie Guardian Sunline Releases XPlasma Asegai at ICAST 2018 Summer Means Sawyer Mustang Survival: Khimera™ Dual Flotation PFD Power-Pole VISION


AFTCO Claims Two Awards at ICAST 2018 REATA By Ranger: RP220C Pontoon Boat




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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR What a week! If we’re not going to be on the water, one of the next best places is in Orlando, Florida at ICAST checking out all the new industry products and technol- ogies. We started off with the Florida Sportsman’s Bass and Birdies Classic where we joined other’s in the fishing in- dustry to play a little golf and catch some bass – all ben- efiting “Keep America Fishing.” This was our fifth year supporting this event (and our 24th year at ICAST!) and it was a blast getting out there with myself, Clark Wend- landt, Rusty Trancygier and Mike Surman. This special edition of the Americana Outdoors E-Mag- azine is filled with great content and a huge Congratula- tions to Garmin for winning “Best In Show” at ICAST for their Panoptix Livescope – you will be as awed as we are! Then there was buzz around Big Bite Baits, new products from Power-Pole, Hobie kayaks, and so much more. The next excitement will be the unboxing of all these products and getting them out onto the water so we can show you how they work and share what we learned, as well as catch a few big bass.




Enjoy your time on the water this summer!



Wade Middleton President - CarecoTV


ICAST is one of the largest trade shows for the fishing industry. Companies and vendors travel from different states, countries, and even conti- nents, showing off new products and networking amongst the fishing community. Being such a large scale event, with all eyes of the fishing indus- try focused on Orlando, FL for several days, com- panies use this week as an opportunity to launch new products. At this year’s show, one of the com- panies creating the most chatter is Garmin. Introducing what can only be described as revo- lutionary technology roughly one month before the show, the Garmin booth was packed during the opening morning of the show. Anglers, brand rep- resentatives and various event goers packed into the booth to get a look at the new Panoptix Live- Scope™ . The new technology from Garmin is a live scanning sonar that gives anglers higher resolu- tion and easier-to-interpret images of structure, bait and fish swimming below the boat.

Anglers are raving about the definition of the im- ages provided by Panoptix LiveScope™. Profes- sional angler Fred Roumbanis recounted a recent tournament stop where he claimed overall big bass for the event. At Lake Oahe in South Dakota, Roumbanis weighed in a 5 plus pound smallmouth that he caught with the help from Garmin electron- ics. He flipped a drop shot into open water and saw a fish begin to swim towards his bait. From the images provided, Roumbanis could tell he was about to get bit by a giant smallmouth. Long story short, the fish ate the bait and was hauled into the boat. Fish tales such as these will continue as the capabilities of this technology are limitless. “We took scanning sonar and made it Panoptix,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “By combining two game-chang- ing innovations – scanning sonar and live sonar – Panoptix LiveScope delivers the best of both tech- nologies and there’s nothing out there even close

to it. Once you’ve seen fish in this level of detail in a live, real-time image on your chartplotter, all other sonar is history – literally.” Garmin’s Panoptix Livescope earned the presti- gious “Best of Show” Award as well as the “Best Electronics.” “To not only win the ICAST Best Electronics award, but the Best of Show award, too – it’s an honor we’re incredibly proud of,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “Panoptix LiveScope delivers the best of both scanning and live sonar technologies and there’s nothing out there even close to it. These awards solidify our commitment to giving anglers and mariners the most innovative technology on the water, and they further strengthen our desire to be the top marine electronics brand in the world.” “Panoptix changed the electronics game a cou- ple of years ago,” said Jason Christie, Bassmas- ter Elite Series and Garmin pro. “Now, LiveScope is even taking it to the next level. The cool thing about it is the simplicity of it. What you see is what is there. The only picture that could be better is if you dive into the water with goggles, and I’m not sure that’s really even better.” The Panoptix LiveScope™ scanning sonar system includes a compact GLS 10 sonar black box with a LVS32 transducer and a simple plug-and-play Garmin Marine Network connector for easy instal- lation. This package is compatible with various ex- isting Garmin models including the GPSMAP 7600 series. Available now, be sure to upgrade your electronics with the new Panoptix LiveScope™.

Watch the Sons of Fishes in the new Garmin LiveScope™ Television Commercial

LiveScope Down mode allows you to see live, easy-to-in- terpret scanning sonar images of structure and swimming fish in incredible detail below your boat —up to 200’ — even while your boat is stationary.

LiveScope Forward mode is an excellent tool for scouting and fishing out ahead of your cast. You’re looking at live, highly detailed and easy-to-interpret scanning sonar im- ages of structure and fish swimming all around your boat — up to 200’ — even while your boat is stationary.



Click the PLAY button to view all the new products from Big Bite baits!

Soft plastic worms are some of the most effective baits an angler can use to target bass. These baits come in a variety of colors, as well as many dif- ferent sizes and actions. Having the right lure to match the conditions you are fishing can be the difference between getting a few bites, and catch- ing a boat load of fish. Year in and year out, Big Bite Baits strives to develop new baits, continually expanding their line of products designed to bring the big bite to your line. Topwater fishing can be one of the most thrilling ways to target fish. Feeding and schooling bass will key on shad near the surface, willingly feeding on anything that catches their eye. New at ICAST this year, Big Bite Baits is introducing a topwater lure that will grab the attention of these hungry predators. The Suicide Buzz takes their top sell- ing swimbait, the Suicide Shad, and pairs it with a buzzbait body. Available in a 1/4 oz and 3/8 oz model, the Suicide Buzz features a quick rising head designed to quickly plane to the surface. The head and blade colors perfectly match the swim- bait, and each pack comes with a spare bait.

Fish tend to be unpredictable creatures with a mind of their own. From hour to hour, or even min- ute to minute, bass can go from focusing on top- water baits to locking to the bottom and keying in on different prey at the drop of a hat. When the fish decide to make this switch, Big Bite Baits now offers the Tour Flipper Tube to probe the bottom in search of bites. Also new at this year’s ICAST show, the Tour Flipper Tube is a soft body bait that comes in 10 different color patterns. Tube fishing can be one of the more frustrating presentations to keep fish hooked. Pro Staff members voiced concerns from past experiences with tubes where they would lose upwards of 30% of their bites be- cause the bait was too hard. The Tour Flipper Tube is engineered to be extremely soft, allowing for a great landing ratio.

ICAST 2018 featured a long list of new products from Big Bite Baits. From the Neko Screw Weight, to the Tour Toad, and new color patterns in various baits, their list of products was very impressive. The new product line features an expansive list of items that will target fish at all levels of the water column. Be sure to add a few of these products to your tackle box, and get out on the water and begin catching fish!



The new Tour Toad has the best buzzing action, created from serrated edges on the feet that catch more water and create the ultimate buzzing ac- tion. The Tour Toad features adjustable feet that can be altered to change the buzzing action.

Our new buzzbait head is also now available rigged with our Tour Toad. It features a quick rising head and double wire keeper to hold the bait in place without the use of glue. The Tour Toad Buzz comes rigged with a matching Tour Toad.



Our new swimbait head features an oversized black nickel hook in each size to allow them to be used with heavy line and bigger baits. The 3/4oz and 1oz size feature a 7/0 hook, to insure it can easily be rigged with large swimbaits like our 7” Suicide Shad. The streamlined head design allows any swimbait to swim at maximum performance.

Rigged with a Suicide Shad it creates the ultimate baitfish profile on the surface. The blade has a “squeak” and can easily be tuned to “clack” the head for added noise. The Suicide Buzz features a quick rising head , designed to quickly plane to the surface. Head and blade colors perfectly match the swimbait, and each pack come with a spare bait.


Kayak fishing has long been one of the most popular ways to take to the water and wet a line. At the forefront of that move- ment is Hobie. Offering a variety of kayaks to fit any budget, Hobie works continuously to enhance the kayak fishing experi- ence. New at ICAST this year, the leader in kayak innovation is introducing the Hobie Guardian, a retractable transducer shield.

The Hobie Guardian is designed to provide optimal transduc- er performance and clear fishfinder readings. Installed on the bottom of the kayak, this new product serves as a protec- tive shield for the transducer. One of the advantages to fish- ing out of a kayak is the ability to access skinny water. Some- times these areas are loaded with cover and scattered rocks. In the past, the electronics transducer has been left exposed and vulnerable to being damaged by any obstructions. Dam- aging the transducer and costing yourself a lot of money is no longer a concern. The durable shield and suspension technol- ogy of the Hobie Guardian protect your transducer from any impact. One key advantage to this technology is the ability to retract the transducer out from the water and up into the body of the kayak. This convenient action makes beaching the kay- ak, as well as transporting and storage a worry free experi- ence ensuring the transducer is not exposed to the elements. The all-new Hobie Guardian will come standard in all 2019 Hobie Mirage Pro Angler Series models.

XPlasmaAsegai is a great choice for all techniques requiring braided line. The new P-Ion braid comes in eight different pound tests. Ranging from 8 lb all the way up to 60 lb, there is a line ready to meet the challenge. A wide offering of pound tests al- lows for versatility of using XPlasma Asegai as the main line on a spinning combo, or punching through thick grass with a flipping rod. Available in either a dark green or light green pattern, this line will be effective in any water condition. When it comes to picking out the next spool of line to outfit your favorite reel, do some homework and be prepared when you enter the store. By being educated and knowing what you want, the process will not be overwhelming. Offering products de- signed for specific situations, Sunline is looking out for the angler. Next time you go to catch fish out of heavy cover, make sure to be armed with XPlasma Asegai. SUNLINE UNLEASHES NEW BRAID BY KYLE CURRY

Walking into a tackle store to purchase fishing line can be very intimidating. Aisles filled with numer- ous fluorocarbons, monofilaments, and braided lines loom at every turn. Not to mention, each one of these products are featured in different colors, as well as many line sizes. It is important to sim- plify your approach to fishing line. The first key is to identify the technique you are wanting to fish, and to understand the cover you are attempting to break down. One of the more popular ways to target big bites is by fishing around flooded cover, and heavy vegetation. In this spe- cific situation, anglers will need to be prepared to use braided line. Sunline braided lines cut through vegetation, and can withstand the challenges posed by heavy cover. The next product in their long line of heralded braided lines is the new XPlasma Asegai . Fused by P-Ion technology, XPlasma Asegai is changing the concept of fishing line. The Plasma Ion Tech- nology process alters the line to make it slicker, more abrasion resistant, and longer lasting than competitor’s lines.

SUMMERMEANS SAWYER BY KYLE CURRY Summer months provide abundant sunshine re- sulting in many of us spending hours on end out- side. When spending vast amounts of time out in the elements, we expose ourselves to many harm- ful things. Harmful rays from the sun, dehydration, and insect bites are just a few elements on a long list of possible consequences one can encounter. Championing the slogan “We keep you outdoors,” Sawyer Products offers an extensive line of prod- ucts to protect you while out enjoying nature. Preventative precautions are some of the key items to focus on when preparing for a long day outdoors. The Permethrin clothing and gear insect repellent treatment is one of Sawyer’s most effec- tive products for deterring pests from bothering you. An odorless formula, Sawyer Permethrin is effective for six washings, or six weeks of UV ex- posure(whichever comes first). It is also a great

product to have for the summer months when bugs and other pests are most prevalent. Perme- thrin repels and kills mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, mites, and 55 other insects on contact.

Sawyer’s Picaridin Insect Repellent is an effective alter- native to DEET that’s great for the whole family, Sawyer Picaridin is also safe for use during pregnancy.

In order for the product to work at its’ fullest po- tential, it is extremely important to properly apply and treat your belongings. Since Permethrin kills insects on contact, be sure to treat areas you plan on using frequently during your trip, for exam- ple: clothes, socks, backpacks, camp chairs, and more. For the best results when using Permethrin, Sawyer offers these tips: • Shake up the bottle really well and apply in a well ventilated area. • Hand wash and air dry if possible to pre- serve the application. If using a washing ma- chine, wash on gentle wash and dry cycles. • Storing garments in dark plastic bags be- tween uses helps preserve the application. • If it is too cold to effectively dry your treated clothing, try placing them in a non-tumbling or pre-heated dryer 10 minutes after treatment. Sawyer Permethrin can also be applied to dogs to help control mosquitoes and fleas for 35 days, and ticks for six weeks. While Permethrin is great for treating your gear and equipment, it is also necessary to apply a topical repellent (like Picaridin) to exposed skin to deter bugs from bothering you. The next time you plan on spending a long period of time outdoors, make sure to be prepared with the right Sawyer Products to fit your situation.



Mustang Survival has created the Khimera™, a dual flotation pfd for high mobility and comfort during highly active movements on the water. Enough foam to keep you afloat when you are hopping in and out of the water. Confident protection at the pull of a handle for when shiz hits the fan. Innovative dual protection, and no repacking required! Geared for SUP, Flatwater Paddling, In-Shore Sailing and Fishing Geared for SUP, Flatwater Paddling, In-Shore Sailing and Fishing. The ultra-slim Khimera was designed to keep you nimble and fluid on the water, with a dual flotation design that levels up your gear by adapt- ing to your situation.

Our revolutionary dual flotation PFD. This vest inflates! It gives just enough foam to help you float and swim easi- ly, plus it can easily be inflated to boost buoyancy with a quick pull of the manual handle when you really need it.

Power-Pole VISION Marine Accessory Management and Multi-Media Tablet

Think of it as the Digital Dash for your boat. The Power-Pole VISION is an all-in-one marine tablet that allows multiple boat accessories to be connected and controlled by one smart device. VISION commu- nicates using C-Monster 2.0 wireless protocol. It runs on the Android platform for full web access and is NMEA capable. Using the C-Monster App you can customize all your Power-Pole anchors and connect- ed accessories like trim tabs, jack plate, bilge pump, live well, lights and sound. Plus, you can use your favorite Android apps, like fishing and navigation apps. The high bright screen is readable from any angle in full sun even with polarized sunglasses and fea- tures daylight and nighttime settings. Enhanced map viewing technology lets you clearly see maps and satellite imagery. The swipe down Water Shade protects and locks the screen against water spray that might activate or change screen settings while running or in the rain. The built-in camera allows hands- free photos of you holding that big catch. Web connectivity lets you post and share photos, check email, even watch streaming sports and videos. Features a 7” viewable screen, three mounting options - flush, gimbal or ram and is water resistant.

CONNECTIVITY VISION lets you control any of your accessories by connecting to the CM I/O Six-Bank Accessory Switch. Once your accessories are connected it com- municates with VISION to give you a new level of control. Now you can add dimmers, timers, speed controls and even presets to any accessories that normally have only on/off controls.

CUSTOMIZATION Once your accessories are connected to VISION, you can set up each device with its own custom name, button type and configuration. You are in control of the look and feel of your digital dash and once completed you can see and control everything on your boat from one touch-screen tablet.

ACCESSORY CONTROL With VISION you can create presets for your accessories. For example, you can preset your trim tabs and jack plate to certain levels when you’re at run- ning speed or you can set your lights to come on at a specific time. You are in complete control, but that’s just the beginning. VISION is also NMEA 2000 capable so you’ll be able to use engine data to create gauges. You can also monitor and run diagnostics. You’ll be able to see your boat from the inside with a level of confidence that makes a day on the water more productive.

VISION also recognizes any of your C-Monster equipped Power-Pole anchors. You can customize your anchor performance like speed, bottom sensing, diag- nostics and all of the other features and setting available through the C-Mon- ster App. You can also connect and control other members of the Power-Pole family like the Power-Pole Micro and the new Power-Pole CHARGE. The Power-Pole CHARGE manages all your boat power. One simple unit charges and manages your cranking and auxiliary battery power. When connected to VISION you can get real-time visualization of battery power levels and power distribution so you don’t have to wonder if you have enough power to get you through your day on the water. Now you can actually manage your power be- cause CHARGE and VISION are letting you see and control your power like never before.

VISION is built to be out on the water. The swipe down Water Shade lets you lock and protect your screen from being activated by water spray or droplets. One swipe keeps your settings, buttons and switches from accidentally being changed. The blue Water Shade tells you the screen is protected, just touch the C-Monster icon to unlock the screen.

HIGH-BRIGHT SCREEN The brightest full sun will not keep you from seeing everything. VISION features a super bright, high resolution screen that allows you to see what’s on it even when you’re wearing polarized sunglasses. VISION also features daylight and nighttime set- tings so no matter the lighting conditions you get a clear view of what’s on the screen.

This is where VISION pulls away from the rest of the pack. VISION gives you ac- cess to thousands of Android apps. Download your favorite fishing, navigation and sports apps so you can stay connected even when you really want to get away. And VISION is family friendly, bring the family out to fish and if they get restless, VISION will let them play games, stream videos or stay connected with friends.

Since you’re connected to the internet, you can also access maps to get you to your favorite fishing spots. And with our screen enhancing technology, you can see the map and satellite imagery much more clearly and with greater detail than ever.

VISION runs on the Android platform so you can connect to your world. Use the built-in camera to take pictures of that big catch, save them to the VISION unit or to your Android photos account, then upload and share on social media. You can also check and send email or browse and shop your favorite websites.

Learn more about the Power-Pole VISION by clicking here .

NOTCHANGINGTHEGAME, JUSTMAKING ITMORE COMFORTABLE - AFTCO WINS AT ICAST 2018 AFTCO scored big at the ICAST 2018 New Product Showcase with Best of Category wins in both the Technical and Lifestyle Apparel categories. Combining technical innovations with performance com- fort, see AFTCO’s award winning products below. HYDRONAUT™WATERPROOF SYSTEM

AFTCO’s Hydronaut™ — ICAST 2018’s Best of Catego- ry for Technical Apparel — was meticulously designed based on direct feedback from the AFTCO Freshwater Pro Team. With features like a 20K 100% waterproof two-layer nylon shell, a SpeedVent™ airflow hood de- signed to alleviate neck strain and restriction from airflow when traveling at high rates of speed, and the Cyclops integrated camera mount pocket for easy film- ing, Hydronaut™ is built to handle extreme foul weath- er conditions when comfort, performance and focus is needed most. In addition to the Double Dry Cuff on the Hydronaut™ Jacket, the waterproof fishing bib also in- cludes an adjustable stretch shoulder systemandmore.

Check out the Hydronaut™ Waterproof System here .

HEXATRON PERFORMANCE HOODIE AFTCO’s new Hexatron Performance Hoodie — ICAST 2018’s Best of Category for Lifestyle Apparel — delivers the technical aspects that you know and expect from a traditional sun protection shirt, but also provides mid-layer warmth with a proprietary heathered Hexatron dobby fleece fabric. Anglers will appreciate the versa- tility of Hexatron, whether worn as standalone shirt on cool days or integrated into your layering system worn under one of your favorite fishing jackets. Hextatron is built to keep you comfortable for a full day on the water.

Check out Hexatron here .

M c R ip 85 J erkbait NOW AVAILABLE!




No matter what you might need, the Reata® by Ranger® 220C has you covered. Kicker® stereo with Bluetooth® input? Check. L.E.D. navigation lights and built-in docking lights? Done. Storage for days? Absolutely. Just add water and pack your gear. And leave your worries back at the shore. Order now or learn more by clicking here.


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