Americana Outdoors E-Magazine - August 2022

In a recent episode of Americana Outdoors presented by Garmin, they spilled all sorts of secrets from Secret Lures, from how they made their mark in the fishing world ,to all the stupid bass fishin’ baits, hooks, and lures they carry! There’s no one better to give us the history on all things stupid than the Secret Lures man himself, Danny Blandford! Danny takes us through what he and his wife Holly call their, “Little Tackle Box,” which is to say, a couple thousand square feet of products that they guarantee will help you be more successful on the water. In the past you may have heard the stories of how the Stupid Tube™ came to be and learned how to properly rig this stupid little bait, so this time Danny’s giving us the rundown on pairing tube sizes with hook selections. As we’ll learn, the standard 3.7” Stupid Tube™ is made for the STH line of hooks, which is a Gamakatsu Wide Gap Hook available in 3/0 and 4/0 sizes. The HD Hook is a Mustad 4/0 Heavy Gauge Extra Wide Gap Hook available in 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 sizes, and pairs perfectly with the 4.2” Flippin’ Stupid Tube™. For anglers who want to go even larger, the Stupid Tube™ 5/0 Ledge head is perfect for the 4.5” Big Dummy and fishing deeper, off shore waters. To see the Stupid Tube™ in action, we’ll throw it back to our time on the water with Jeff Reynolds and Terry McWilliams where they threw this stupid little tube on Lake Beshear! Up next, after seeing the success with the Stupid Tube™, Danny and Holly wanted to see how they could expand on some of the attributes of the Stupid Tube™ and figure out what else they could do with it along the lines of hollow bait technology, and from there, the Stupid Craw™ was born! This bait is 3.7 inches of crawdad goodness. The Stupid Craw™ also features a hook trough to protect the hook from snagging, rigging dots on the bottom that ensures perfect alignment when rigged, and the most active pinchers you’ll find on a craw bait out there. We’ll spend time on the water with Jeff Reynolds and Wade Middleton to

see just how awesome this bait can be for you!

Secret Lures are the MVP’s when it comes to jig head selection, and you can break down their products into four categories: The MVP Flippin’, the MVP Football, the MVP Swim, and the MVP Finesse. As we discuss jig head selection we’ll focus on two options from the lineup, the MVP Football Jig, and the MVP Swim Jigs. As the name implies, the football jig has a football shaped head, which gives you a large surface area that allows for great bottom contact. As far as Swim Jigs go, Secret Lures offers three main variations, the North Version, the South Version, and the HD Version. Tune in to find out what conditions these swim jig heads perform best in, and which ones will be perfect for your fishing needs! To round out the show they shook things up with one of Secret Lures’ most popular products outside the Stupid Tube™ lineup, the Secret Lures Shaky Heads! Offering two options in their shaky head lineup, the Secret Lures Ledge Shaker and the Secret Lures Tail Shaker, shaky heads are the perfect option for pro anglers looking to round out their limits in tournament settings, as well as beginners who just need to tie on one lure to their hook and sinker to get to fishin’. Along with learning about the shaky head products Secret Lures has to offer, you’ll see Jeff Reynolds reel in some massive bass using his trusty Ledge Shaker! It’s clearly no secret anymore that Secret Lures carries every product imaginable to guarantee you reel in big ones on the water! Like Danny said, the Secret Lures team is constantly hard at work to bring you quality products, and we love showing you their latest creations in action! If you’re tired of watching all your buddies reel in the big ones and you’re ready to get in on the secret to success, click here.

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